5 Tourist Attractions In The World That Everyone Must See

Traveling opens up incredible secrets of life to us. The hunt for irreplaceable experiences and an in-depth knowledge of the world leaves us insatiable. As we all cannot afford to take a world tour, so it becomes imperative to select the most remarkable sites out there.

Considering the fact that your tourist spots should leave you stunned and hooked by the beauty of Nature, we have made a list of top tourist attractions of the world. These tourist destinations have an unbelievable influential power over the travelers to establish a deep connection between man, nature, and God. These tourist sites are highly rated and recommended by regular global travelers.

After you have seen the Seven Wonders of the World, you must be looking for a list of the best places to visit during your next vacations. Here are the 5 exceptional tourist attractions that you must see before you die:

#1. Niagara Falls at the Canada-New York border:

The wonderful Niagara Falls becomes the center of attraction for over 22 million nature admirers every year. The beauteous site of 6 million cubic feet of rushing water hitting the rocks at the US-Canada border leaves the on-lookers amazed. The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls in New York have a more natural touch to them, while the Horseshoe Falls in Canada offer the widest view of waterfalls. You must have heard about the cross-border Rainbow Bridge. If you don’t want to miss out that one in a million view then don’t forget to take your passport. You can either admire the glorious beauty of gigantic waterfalls on a boat or on land. If you are a paddle boarding expert, enhance your experience by doing the adventure of paddle boarding in deep waters to enjoy the beauty of the great Niagara Falls.

#2. Petra in Jordan:

Besides the famous Dead Sea, Petra (also known as ‘Rose-Red City’) is a renowned tourist spot. The pink cut-rocks around the site will leave you astonished. The capital of the Nabatean Kingdom was Petra. The soul-stirring sight of exquisitely carved tombs and temples will convince you to admire the carving expertise of the ancients.

Beyond the narrow canyon of Al-Siq is hidden the dazzling view of Al-Khazneh, the royal tomb of Nabataeans that was built 2,000 years ago. The sophistication and craftsmanship of ancient builders are prominent through the vast amphitheater and remains of the royal tombs.

#3. Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong:

Victoria Harbor stands at the fast pacing waterways that divide the mainland of Kowloon and skyscrapers of the island. To enjoy the spectacular view of the city from afar, hire a cheap boat or book a ferry ride. The ride will move you between the lands of Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui. It is best to cruise on water after sunset to witness the glamour of the world’s greatest light and sound show. The pleasure of watching the skyscrapers burst with seasonal lighting and changing sound effects is extremely satisfying.

#4. Machu Picchu in Peru:

The Inca citadel of Macchu Picchu is a great tourist attraction that connects you to golden times of the continent.  The lush green vegetable gardens situated on top of Andes Mountains are surrounded by clouds throughout the year. The famous archeological site offers breathtaking views to the tourists from around the world. You can either take a bus or train to visit the whole establishment of Macchu Picchu or trek through the heights for days to experience the peace of heart among the nature studded site.

#5. Northern Lights in Ice Land:

Who doesn’t wish to see northern lights (also named as Aurora Borealis)? When charged particles of the sun get trapped in the magnetic field of Earth, an extraordinary view of colorful, dancing lights fills up the sky. The Northern Lights form in the heights of Earth’s atmosphere at the altitude between 60 to 250 miles.

In Polar Regions, auroras often appear on dark skies at high altitudes. During March and September, the magnetic field of Earth captures more solar particles that interact with the surrounding atmosphere to create the magic. In Polar Regions, autumn seasons have pleasant temperatures.

Besides the northern lights, Iceland displays an otherworldly view of glaciers, massive waterfalls, geysers, and volcanoes. Here, both the latitude and longitude offer the viewing of Aurora if the weather stays pleasant.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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