5 Ways Learning a New Language Boosts Your Brain

Have you been thinking about learning a new language? Why not Spanish? Language is a great way to boost your brain, and studies have shown that people who keep their brains active by learning new things throughout their life are much healthier both physically and mentally later on in life. You should be keeping your brain as active as possible, and learning a new language just might give your brain the boost it needs. Here are 5 ways learning a new language boosts the brain.

 Learning Keeps Your Brain Healthy

 Learning new things keeps your brain active – it means that your brain keeps thinking, processing and firing in new ways. Studies have shown that keeping your brain busy is a very important key to having a healthy brain later on in life. That means that you should always be undertaking things that your brain finds challenging, like the daily newspaper crossword – online these days – or learning a new language. And who knows? You can learn Spanish sooner than you think – and it’ll be good for you.

 Your Brain Makes New Connections

 The brain is a network of neurons that are constantly firing as your brain learns and experiences new things – but the neurons and connections in your brain also die off as time goes on, and this process happens at a much faster rate if you are not actively using your brain.  Learning a new language allows your brain to make new connections and refresh some old ones, meaning that your brain is healthier overall. Have you ever had what they call an “aha-moment”? It’s the new connections your brain have created that makes that happen. And, did you know that making new connections within your brain on a constant basis – even into your old age – can ensure that you’re at a lesser risk for developing certain diseases?

 Keeps Alzheimer’s and Dementia at Bay

 We’ve already said that learning is able to keep your brain healthy, but did you know that learning a new language can keep long-term diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay? These can both be the result of people who held very busy careers and suddenly stop using their brains as much when they retire – and keeping your brain active with things like puzzles, riddles and picking up a new language means that you’ll be at a lesser risk for developing these health issues.

 A New Language Improves Your Memory

 The more you experience a new language, the more your brain will work at remembering what you learned yesterday – and the day before that, and the day before that. If you keep forgetting things like where you left your keys or can’t remember what you had for breakfast two days ago, then learning a new language could be a great help to boost your overall memory skills. Your brain will definitely thank you for doing it, and you’ll find that you remember most things a lot easier than you used to.

 One Language Down? The Next is Easier

 So, just why should you learn a new language? Because once you’ve learned one, you might find that you find the science of languages addictive in itself – and it might inspire you to learn another language on top of that. And, because many of the world’s languages are related, you will find that learning a new language becomes easier once you’ve activated your brain’s capacity to be able to learn – and think about language in a new way.

If you think you’re too old to learn a new language, it’s never too late to start!

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