5 Ways to Find the Best Candidates for Your Recruitment Agency

In an ideal world, you would have too many candidates coming through your agency doors to place with all the vacancies you have for your clients. But it doesn’t always work this way, and certainly not without a lot of hard work on your side finding candidates.

If you’re wondering where recruitment agencies look to find the best candidates – ETZ Payments have come up with their top 5 suggestions to find the best candidates for your recruitment agency:


LinkedIn has become the most popular tool for recruitment agencies to find candidates. You can search for candidates based on their education, work history, qualifications, and more. Giving you the power to narrow down your search to your exact requirements, something you can’t proactively do in many other ways.

The only drawback is that you’re reaching out to people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new role. So, you can expect a lower conversion rate than if you were working with candidates looking for roles.

Social Media Platforms

Almost everyone is on social media, and people looking for a new job will often take to social media to see what they can find. This makes is a perfect place for recruitment agencies to jump in and help job seekers find a new role.

It can be quite a time-consuming task sifting through various social media platforms. However, there are ways to narrow down your search such as Facebook groups dedicated to job seekers, and by using hashtags and advanced search queries.

Networking Events and Meetups

Technology makes it easy to find large numbers of candidates online quickly. But when it comes to recruitment you still can’t beat a face-to-face meeting. Looking for a new job is a stressful time for most, so they need reassurance and to be able to trust an agency acting on their behalf.

Meeting candidates in person at networking events bridges these problems. You get to open with a conversation about the candidate, what they’re looking for, and discuss how you can help them.

Job Boards

Agencies use job boards just as much as companies doing their own recruiting do. After all, you’re both after the same thing, the best candidates to put forward for a role that matches up with their skills and expectations.

Just remember to make it clear in your job posting that you’re an agency acting on behalf of the company you’re advertising for. There are still some candidates that prefer to apply for jobs directly with employers. Showing transparency upfront helps avoid any disappoint on both ends.


While you won’t get as many candidates through referrals as you will through the other methods already covered, you will get a high conversion rate with referrals. Ask friends, family members, and candidates you’re working with if they know anyone else that might be interested in changing roles.

Word-of-mouth and positive referrals are two of the most powerful marketing tools for any recruitment agency. Helping someone find their perfect job is a life-changing moment for most candidates, being part of that is something special.

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