5 Ways To Save Money This Summer While Still Having Fun

Summer is the most expensive time of year for many people, but luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of ways you can save money this summer while still having fun and accommodating the needs and interests of your entire family. Whilst a short term loan may be able to help if you find yourself in a financial emergency, there are a number of ways you can save money this summer, so read on to find out the different ways you can save those extra pennies while still having fun.

#1. Have A Picnic

On the rare sunny, warm weather days in the UK, spending time outdoors enjoying the beauty of the area is high on many people’s agenda, and what better way to spend time with your family and friends than by going on a picnic? Surrounded by your favourite foods and a family-sized bag of Walkers crisps, you can spend time bonding. In turn, this will dramatically improve your mental health and re-build traditions that may have been lost throughout the busy season.

#2. Combine Your Errands

We hear you – how is running errands ‘fun’? Well, with the windows down, music blasting and a friendly companion by your side, you can complete your to-do list with laughter! Instead of heading out to do one thing, wait until there are several things to tick off on your to-do list instead. The longer your list, the more fun you’ll have! Of course, if anything needs to be completed urgently, we suggest you tick it off your list as soon as possible.

#3. Cancel Your Gym Membership

With lighter evenings and warm weather ahead, there’s no need to head to the gym! Instead, head into the outdoors to save yourself some money. There are several fun, summer activities that can provide you with a great workout, such as going for a bike ride, playing catch and doing water aerobics. If it happens to be too hot outside, you can still work out at home – for free! Should you feel as though the time is right to renew your gym membership when the winter months roll around once again, then you can! But for now, this is the best way to save money.

#4. Travel On A Budget

Summer is a highly popular time for many families to travel, and because children have been released from school, there’s no reason to not go ahead and embark on a new adventure. Should you be adamant to go away this summer, ensure you travel on a budget. Being as flexible as possible with your flights, staying in an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel and eating like a local are all ways you can enjoy a summer holiday without breaking the bank.

#5. Find Free Fun

If you’ve decided to go abroad on a budget, or have simply run out of funds for fun activities, search for free fun online. Whilst free fun is the best way to save money in the summer, you may actually find something that you are generally interested in, and you never know what free attractions are just around the corner! You may even discover a number of free events being hosted in your local town, such as festivals and concerts.

From cancelling your gym membership and heading into the outdoors to understanding the most cost-effective ways to travel, saving money during the summer months has never been easier. What are your tips when it comes to travelling on a budget?

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