5 Web Design Trends for 2019 You Should Follow

Stagnancy in website development is a curse for your business. The evolvement of modern internet technology is pushing the envelope of web development time to time. You need to be ahead of your time to compete in the arena of online presence. The web design industry is witnessing the constant advancement which can be easily marked by the web design trends; you see every year. It is essential to adapt to those preceding web design trends in the upcoming year. You can analyze a dramatic change in the web design algorithm, designing elements, new tools and much more strategies which were widely accepted by the users in the previous year. Here are the five most prominent web design trends for 2019 that you should follow.

#1. Priority to mobile-friendly Web Designing Interface

According to the reports, it is predicted that by the end of this year, there will be 79% of internet traffic channel coming through the mobiles. This has been confirmed that desktop internet traffic has been reduced and getting even lower day by day. This is evident that priority regarding the web designing interface has been shifted to mobile. This has become a web designing trend for 2019 which you must follow in order to remain successful in the competition. It is necessary to customize your web design interface compatible to the mobile so a large number of smartphone users can be connected. According to Google, it has been reported 61% of users usually never come back to the website which they had trouble accessing on mobile.

Mobile-friendly web design:  You need to make sure that your website is designed to stand up to the standards of an ideal mobile-friendly responsive web design template. It should be minimalistic and still dynamic enough to gaze at the mobile audience. If your website is not mobile-friendly, most of the mobile traffic will be terminated affecting the overall business. Mobile-friendly web designing is also a preferred element for any product design company which initiates better sales.

Mobile-friendly content:  Mobile-friendly web design consists of content elements to be placed and managed according to the smartphone interface. The accessibility and readability should be high enough to be highlighted.

Search Engine Optimization:  Another essential aspect of a mobile-friendly web design layout is the SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component to design the website where it needs to customize according to mobile users.

#2. Increasing dynamic elements Including micro-interactions, animations, and giveaways

Dynamic elements are required to be escalating the web design layout of any website. It includes the animations, pop-up boxes, micro-interactions, and other additional web design element. Last year has witnessed the rise of dynamic elements in web design which will engage the audience and users when they land on the website. There are various animations used to convey their portfolio and product very quickly. Due to such dynamic elements including animations and interaction pop-ups, it is more likely that user will engage and interact on the website. It has been adapted creatively with numerous business past year and also reassuring that it is going to continue as the successful formula for a better website. The pop-ups are used to present various giveaways like some PDF book, skill learning, and free online products and so on. It grabs the user’s attention even when they are the least concern. Offering e-mail subscriptions and newsletter also accounted as one of the most successful web design element. Every motion graphics or video presentations fall into this category where it escalates the engagement level.

#3. Minimalism

It might seem overrated, but actually, it is quite an overlooked aspect of web design, especially when vibrant and dynamic websites seem to be successful. White spaces are essential to the website today which focuses the users towards the vital stuff. You must utilize a lot of spaces and manage it to derive a better sense of content placement. Minimalism is a contemporary web design trend which is going to be continuing in 2019 as well.

#4. Video Integrations

Video marketing is an essential component of leading marketing strategies in 2019. Videos have become an integral part of web design as well as digital marketing trends, especially for upcoming years. It is one of the most advanced and highly interactive medium of communicating your product to the users. It has been a great tool to integrate on the web design to engage the audience. It highly advised by any product design company you hire that they prefer video marketing as well as video integration on the website. It helps the audience to better understand the product, portfolio or services of the company.

#5. Space Management

Space management is another aspect of minimalistic design that is required today. This is one of the most popular and common web design traits you can find among the most successful websites. Spaces allow creating more compelling web layouts to focus on the actual content rather than just mesmerized by the overstuffing vibrant web design elements. Minimalism and space management go hand in hand to present a convincing and eye-grabbing website without losing audience focus. It is designed in a way that a user will learn all about the website through a story or direction presented on the landing page. It is the smartest form of web design which you can see today in some high profile websites. Such web design trends are not contemporary and ever-lasting but still had become more critical over these years.

Steve Max
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