6 Benefits of a Smart Lock

Traditional locks have been used since time in ancient. The problem comes in when one loses or misplaces the keys since you might be forced to break the door.

Well, we all have something to smile about since the introduction of smart locks. A Smart lock is an electromechanical lock fitted on front doors and does not use the traditional key. Instead, it comes with customized features, which enable you to control your lock the Smart way.

As the name suggests, one uses a smartphone to control the lock, and it wirelessly performs the authentication needed to lock or unlock your door automatically.

Having a clear picture of what smart lock is, let’s get down to business and deeply discuss the importance of Smart locks.

#1. Improved security

Smart locks have remarkably improved home security in a unique way that traditional locks could not. Smart locks sense and open the door when the owner is nearby and automatically locks it provided they have their phone and provided their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is on.

It gives the owner the power to control who can have access to their home and keep track of who comes in and goes out. Smart locks also send notifications to the owner allowing them to receive alerts whenever visitors arrive.

Some Smart locks come with doorbell camera, and this helps the homeowner to verify who is at your door visually. Intelligent locks can also use Mobile app and control the lock remotely via built-in Wi-Fi, and this allows the user to remotely access notifications or cameras to show the person requesting access to your home.

The smart lock also enables the homeowner to provide virtual keys to visitors or family members for a specified time without them coping the key, and they can change the keys codes when they feel their home security threatened.

#2. Increased Convenience

Losing or misplacing keys can be your worst nightmare, and since not all of us can be careful enough not to misplace keys, smart lock convenience comes in here.  What makes it more convenience is the use of Smartphone as your key.  So there is no need for physical keys.

One can also incorporate the Smartphone application not only to have control of the locks but other Smart home devices. Alarm.com app is most trusted for it integrates your security system and connects all Smart home devices.  The smart lock application can be controlled either by Smartphone and tablet, Smartwatch, TV and voice control.

A smart lock also enables the user to remotely lock and unlock their doors, receive alert texts when codes are used. One can also give temporary access codes to family and friends with no need of them been at home to open the door for them.

#3. Increased connectivity

A good number of smart locks are capable of integrating with home security systems. If you have excellent home security, it is advisable to program your Smart lock with a Smartphone. Using a mobile or computer to control the app, one can be able to remotely arm or disarm security system to keep your home safe. You can also use cameras installed in your home, watch live videos or recorded videos and monitor what happens in your home.

Like for example, you can Integrate smart door lock into the security system and program the Smart lock with video surveillance cameras. This will enable you to cross check who is at your door before opening it and even monitor its safety remotely.

You can also program security alarms to sound when smart locks are tampered with, or someone is trying to break into your home.

#4. Temporary access

Smart locks are capable of storing multiple codes. This enables you to have control over who has access to your home and when. You can let in family, friends, or even dog walkers by merely sending virtual keys to them. They will only be able to use the virtual key within the time you specify, and they cannot copy them. This makes it easy to control your home remotely making usual home errands easy without the need for physical keys and most importantly ensuring your home is safe.

#5. Better durability

Unlike traditional locks that wear down or even get malfunction due to the frequent friction of inserting and revolving keys, smart locks are more durable since all you need to lock or unlock them is just pressing your finger on the fingerprint reader or enter a passcode to open them. For Bluetooth or Wi-Fi controlled locks, you even don’t need to touch them. The smartphone locks and unlocks the door for you.

#6. No more lockouts or hiding keys

With smart locks, one needs to worry not about lockouts due to lost keys. All you need is your private code, and you will be able your access your home. Also for families who were forced to share keys and had to find a hiding place within their property, smart lock solves this hassle. All is needed is to give other family members access codes so that the lock unlocks whenever they are back at home provided they have their smartphones with them.

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