6 life changing health benefits come with Zero gravity chair

Do you have to sit for hours after hours for working purpose or Suffering from backache, stress and neck pain which spoiling your daily work life and rhythm? If you don’t want to rely only on medications, Zero gravity chair is the ultimate game changer for you.  Now you are thinking what is Zero gravity? Right…

The basic concept of zero gravity chair

Simply Zero gravity means weightlessness. The aspect of the feeling of weightlessness is called zero gravity. You will surprise to know that a specific position of sitting let you feel like zero gravity! Zero gravity chair is mainly designed to reduce body’s spine stress from our daily working life. Though the idea came from NASA, for astronauts they use a special recline position that makes them stress-free and helps to make them relax in term of their space journey. But now this idea is used to make a special type of recliner that will help you to get that zero gravity position. That’s why this recliner name is “zero gravity chair”.

Why should you use a zero gravity chair?

In our daily life many of us have to work in a sitting position for a longer period. Can we relief us from our work? No, but what we can do is to relieve our body. People suffer from chronic lower back pain or neck pain due to their long day work in the office sitting in a regular straight position.  A longer period of work also makes them stress. As a result in some period, they become dependent on medicine. But zero gravity chair can help them to less relying on medicine,  remove the stress of whole day work and also reduce their back and neck pain. So you can say that this chair is a three in one package in that sense.

Does a chair actually relieve back pain and have any health benefit?

The answer is yes!

Zero gravity chair takes off most of the weight of yours because of its specific gravity position which let to feel you floating in an ocean! Let’s check out some benefits of this chair that will really surprise you for sure.

1- Alleviate back pain

Zero gravity chair which actually made by NASA for the astronauts designed and aimed to minimize the effect of gravitational forces on your body, as gravity always straining us.

Every day working for hours to end eventually show backaches and sore necks. Zero gravity position is often suggested by doctors and chiropractors which is scientifically proven to reduce back pain. That’s why keeping the concept of zero gravity in mind this chair designs that is very much helpful to reduce back pain.

2- Bad posture

Sometimes our living style causes many body ailments. Bad posture is one of them. In general, our spine is ‘S’ shape. But due to sit on a regular straight chair our spine bent down and become “C” shape. This magical chair helps to improve your posture and help to regain our spine’s original shape as well. Moreover, release unnecessary tension.

Normal Human Spinal Shape

3- Save heart from toxicities

In every bit, our heart is puffing tons of toxic from the air. When we are in a zero gravity chair our lunge enables to get more air from the air and using the oxygen of those air can produce more pure blood that helps to improve the heart condition and help our heart from toxicities.

4- Increase your working capability

You will agree with me that it’s the working pressure which slows down our activity 80 %, This chair will allow you to improve your productivity by releasing tension and stress.

5- Time to goodbye painkillers

Painkiller saves us from various pain, but we can’t deny that it has lots of side effects too. So this is not a long-term solution. But zero gravity chair eventually remove your pain in a very natural way without any side effect

6- Raise blood oxygen level

It decreases your muscle tension, increases your lung capacity. At the same time, this chair increases blood circulation and raise our blood oxygen level.

So If you already decide to buy a zero gravity chair then best zero gravity chair hq would be an option to consider.

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