6 Reasons Why a Helicopter Tour is a Perfect Gift for Your Father

If you are searching for a wonderful gift or special occasion for your father’s next big day or holiday surprise, we have the ideal recommendation. Imagine flying above a location like South East Queensland, taking in stunning sights and sounds. Whether you prepare a special party or are looking for a unique way to impress your father, a helicopter tour is a perfect way of showing you care. Below are some of the key benefits of taking your loved one out on a helicopter tour!

Take Awesome Photographs Of an Unforgettable Moment

A helicopter tour offers lots of wonderful photographic shots. Before you even get off, ground take some Facebook photos together in front of the chopper. Once you are in the sky, enjoy amazing views. A helicopter has the distinctive ability to rise vertically and float, which means that you will have the opportunity to take pictures that you would not have on a plane or jet. Finding a reliable helicopter operator like Bekaa Air  will provide you an astonishing experience that you and family will always remember and even make it an annual activity.

A Different View And Perspective Of The World

Your view of the world in which you live in will change. There are forests, streams, ponds, cliffs, and landmarks residing in different areas that are increasing fresh air awareness. What was most surprising was the topography of the region that I always took for granted when I stood on the field.

Travel in a helicopter is a personal experience. Pilots of helicopters often indicate fascinating landmarks while maneuvering an aircraft and are glad to answer you might have when flying through the air. Flying in a helicopter will provide you and dad value, but it also gives the pilot value. Tours allow pilots to acquire the necessary flying hours to gain experience. They can continue flying broader, more complex aircraft such as rescue helicopters through their flying experience.

A Luxury That Isn’t Just For The Rich

With the exception of popular opinion, helicopters are no longer confined to the wealthy and the famous. More and more companies open up to daily passengers by selling individual seats on flights that are normally beyond their budgets. So, the next time you intend to spend an amazing night in the city, look for a nearby helicopter operator. Odds are you will be able to accomplish a lot by sharing a helicopter on a Saturday night with someone very special like dad.

A Special Memory For Your Loved One

Think of the look on his face when he realizes that you guys will soon be in the air to enjoy the magnificence and beauty of a landscape from their spacious sitting comforts, not just a regular flight. If you visit locations such as the Na Pali Coastline, South East Queensland, or the Himalayas, you will quickly realize that some places are inaccessible, if you do not go through an anomalous form of transport. If you don’t want to wing it on foot or cycle a narrow path, then a helicopter tour is a great way to visit all such areas. The small investment provides a special view and ease of travel.

Cost Efficient

A helicopter tour would cost a couple hundred dollars. Yet look at the time, and cash, you will save by participating in it. For instance, you can easily pay a lot of money to see more locations by taking many trips, but simply mix three adventurous tours with a helicopter charter if time is an important element. People are traveling to see the most beautiful sights from thousands of miles away. Why don’t you get there before the crowds of people who are also taking helicopter tours this season? Get the necessary elbow room you need by reserving a seat before the crowds.

A Great Learning Experience

Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing that you traveled through the air, you have the rare images to show and share. A modern tour of the various areas, cities, and towns that you also travel – all from the air – has many advantages. Besides the obvious benefit of having a bird’s eye view of the terrain, you can best explore the country by viewing the geography of the area and getting a unique impression of what it can provide the local economy.

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