6 Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Family

We all wish best of the health for our near & dear ones. But sometimes, we have limited information & ideas to make it happen. Keeping a family together is an underrated task in the age of technology & isolation.

Here are some secrets that can help you in doing that.

1- Healthy family is healthy food

Eating right meal is critical to leading a healthy life. Daily food intake needs to be balanced between great taste & complete nutrients. Many times important nutrients like Vitamin D & minerals are left out of the diet. You can consult an online nutritionist once a year to plan a daily diet for your family. This diet can be customized as per your taste & food habits.

2- Plan frequent family outings

Take some time off from your busy schedules & plan a vacation every once in 6 months (or 1 year if that is not possible). Vacations are great to bring the family closer & relieve everyone from the stress they face in daily lives. Whatever works for you, be it mountains or beaches, plan a trip. Make sure you involve everyone while creating the plan. Check out these holiday destinations from Trip Advisor.

3- Get health check-ups regularly

Get your family to do a full-body checkup every one year. This is good in not only spotting health issues on time but also in preventing chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol etc. to stay away from the early stage.

The medical checkups generally come as a free package as part of your insurance policy. Make sure to give them a call and inquire about such programs.

4- Play a sport together on Sundays

Give your bones some workout while playing soccer or catch-ball (if your kids are young) in the lawn every week. A family sport brings out the emotions in a better way and makes everyone look forward to it. Start slowly, and just in case you get a sprain talk to a bone doctor about how much intensity can you do with.

5- No internet hour

Try to spare 1 hour every day where the WiFi router is turned off. This will automatically bring the family closer and give more time to share personal things with each other. It can be during dinner and everyone shares a good meal together and talk about their day.

6- Seek help

Parenting is something that everyone can learn more about. It is okay to take parenting classes if required to understand your children better. After all, it is very difficult to get along with this Snapchat using generation. Don’t just share your advice with your kids, try to learn a thing or two from your them as well.

Just remember that a healthy life is a physical, mental & emotional well-being. According to a survey in 2014, 45% Americans feel that they spend less than 10% of their time with their families. Plan adequate fun activities and gradually improve lifestyle for a conducive environment.

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