6 Small Business Tech Trends in 2019

The technology of things stole the headlines in the business world in 2018. There are were various reports from the good, to the bad and the not too pleasant. For the year 2019, the trends are not likely to change. The smart business executive will on the lookout for trends that will shape the business world for 2019 with the mindset of positioning his brand in a way that will make him competitive at all times during the course of the year. We shall be looking at the trends in the software solutions company which will drive the business of 2019.

Managed IT

The increasing relevance of IT solutions in the operations of businesses will continue and move to the next level. The shortage of skilled labor in the notch and security concerns all point in one direction; the introduction of managed IT solutions. The involvement of these set of experts will guarantee the protection of the interests of the companies that involved them in their business operation. The issues catching up with the latest trends in the industry will be out of it. Innovations, as it comes, will be introduced into the line of business. For the singular fact that it is a more cost-effective means of getting IT solutions; brands will look in the direction of Managed IT solutions.

Cyber Security

This has been an issue with small scale businesses. Though the reported cases of cyber theft for 2018 is not alarming; the fear of the loss of valuable data will be the beginning of wisdom for small business concerns going forward in 2019. 65% of small business executives confessed that they do not have a dedicated employee in place to take care of cybersecurity issues. Yet cybercriminals are advancing in their cunning crafts and they are getting away with their destructive acts over some of the companies out there; in the light of that; there will be an increased interest in putting in security measures to protect data in the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of chatbot has been with us for some time. But because it has less than human capability and characteristics; it has not been fully embraced. However, with the realization that they are very reliable in their interface with the customers in the human resource department of companies; there is a shift towards it as a means of filling up the gap in the customer care arm of companies. It is estimated that over 70% or organizations are now implementing Artificial intelligence strategies. Efforts have gone into the technology of the chatbot with a view to making it more human.

Data Management

The increase in the use of data is mind-blowing. As growth comes in business, so also will be the increase in data. It is estimated that over the last two years alone, 90% of the world’s data was generated. You can see the rise and rise of data. They are valuable and must, as a matter of fact, be kept if the business is to move forward. So, for the smart business of 2019, the means of effectively managing the data in such a way that it will be kept secure will be the concern of some of the firms. A loss of value that can cripple a once flourishing business concern; hence the need for effective data management. Firms that are involved in this service sector will definitely have a field day helping companies to effectively manage their data.

Shadow IT, Connected Devices

Every year, businesses are expanding the scope of their operations. With the increase in expansion comes an increase in the number of remote workers. All the workers are to be connected to the cloud. Therefore, the focus for the business of 2019 will be in part the focus of connecting each remote worker to the cloud. The need to connect to the cloud ranks as one of the major needs of companies; for the year 2019, the trend will definitely keep on going up.

Another issue that calls for concern is shadowed IT. This is the use of a system that is outside the network of the company for the purpose of carrying out tasks on behalf of the company. The fear here is that standards may not be fully followed in line with the company’s policies of IT. Secondly, it can be easily used to swindle the company. The attention will be on the shadow IT with the objective of beating it in line and making it less of a threat to the IT policies of the company.

Increased IoT Connectivity

The IoT of a thing will continue to steal the headlines as the year 2019 rolls by. As companies increase in their manufacturing capacities, there will be a corresponding increase in IT solutions. Gartner predicted that the use of IoT will hit the 14.2 billion mark in 2019 and hit the 25 billion mark by the year 2012. The figures go to show that there will be a lot of activities in the IoT sector for 2019. The increase in output of some of the companies will account for the greater percentage of the figures. A lot will be happening in the cloud for the duration of the year 2019 in software Solutions Company.

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