6 Terrific Calendar Designs For 2017

Marketers usually overlook calendars as an effective marketing tool these days, but it is still one of the promotional products for brands.  The marketing of brands as of today is becoming more of an experiment driven industry and marketers are facing a new set of challenges to create a prominent brand awareness. No matter, if you are trying to take your brand off the ground or looking for more potential customers, you need to create a significant brand responsiveness to reach to your prospects.

Why Are Calendars An Important Branding Tool?

Calendars are an important brand recognition tool because they become an everyday face of your brand. The viewers are bound to see your logo design, tagline, slogan, product and services whenever they look at the calendar and it boosts up your brand’s presence. Creating a calendar that includes your logo design, brand information, products or events is one of the excellent ways to promote your brand far and wide.

Let me show the six terrific calendar designs for the present year 2017:


Folk Calendarfolk calendar

folk calendar
The latest folk calendar is setting up the blend of Mexican and Japanese look. It has 12 hand painted illustrations enthused from Mexican folk art, whereas the pastels and textiles are giving a Japanese essence.




One Seven Calendarsaven calendar

One seven calendar, one of the best piece designed by Kristina Krogh and printed in Denmark. Its dark green color with letterpress printed with copper foil is beautifully empowering the brand.

Moreover, the copper foils are embedded to change as the light hits or as we move around the room, featuring the uniqueness and beauty of the design.



Bureau Oberhaeuser Calendar

Bureau calendar

The next calendar that joins the race of the best designs is BUREAU OBERHAEUSER CALENDAR 2017 created by German design firm Bureau Oberhaeuser. An entirely unique calendar design hung to be on a wall has set the benchmark of the best interface design. The symbolic representation of new moon, first quarter, full moon, third quarter and Holidays have let it to be a remarkable calendar of 2017.


Color Swatch Calendarcolor swatch calendar

Color Swatch, the most attractive and colorful calendar of 2017, has made a vibrant presence for the viewers. The calendar has 371 different color stripes and on each day, a color stripe can be torn off, and new color combinations come up.

Printed on coated and uncoated paper, the stripes can be collected to create color matching fans with the use of bookbinding screws, which are included in the box. Cool! Isn’t it?


Torn AroundTorn Around

The Torn Around Calendar for the year 2017 has set up a new design look. The calendar has got 13 colored illustrated designs for months and one for the cover.

The months of the calendar are featuring a creative scene with torn paper. The symmetric design effect has made the viewer’s turn all 12 months within seconds.




Studio on Fire Deskstudio on fire desk

Studio on Fire, a calendar that enlightens brightness and the beautiful letter presses are manifesting it as the best calendar to be placed on a desk.

Creatively themed as secret and lies, printed in pink, blue, yellow and gray, the calendar is giving the finest design look for the year.




Loius Martin
Loius Martin
Loius Martin is the Digital Marketing Executive at Invictus Studio. He is fond of everything that is related to design and marketing. He spends his time in creating marketing strategies to promote his brand. He has a strong passion for exploring new techniques and loves to share them by writing official and guest blogs.


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