7 Awesome Accessories for Your Raspberry Pi

Since its release, the Raspberry Pi has been praised by critics and tech enthusiasts alike for its impressive versatility and limitless potential. With a display, some peripherals, and a bit of coding knowledge, you can turn your tiny computer into virtually anything.

You can browse the web, play games (or make your own), watch movies, edit documents and create just about anything from smart devices to intuitive software. With the Pi being a fairly minimal piece of tech out the box, it helps to have the right accessories. This lets you open up an endless list of possibilities when it comes to what you can create.

Whether you want to use your Raspberry Pi to create an AI-powered robot or your own version of a classic arcade game, here are seven awesome accessories to help you make it happen.

Camera Module V2

This is the second generation of the Raspberry Pi official camera module and it comes with a number of improvements. It’s highly affordable and is capable of capturing 1080p video and 8MP stills in 3280×2464 resolution through the Sony Exmor IMX219 sensor.

With this unit, it’s recommended that your Pi has a 2A power supply in order to sufficiently run the camera. It’s perfect for mobile applications thanks to its tiny 25mm x 23mm x 9mm form factor and 3g weight. The V2 is great for home surveillance, time lapse photography, motion detection and just about anything else you can imagine.

Raspberry Pi 3 Development Kit

This kit comes with a plethora of accessories that hobbyists, developers and enthusiasts can use to expand their knowledge of Arduino programming. Within the included carrying case, you’ll find a whopping 300 components, including a breadboard kit and 16 sensor modules.

Other noteworthy accessories in this development kit include an LCD module, various HDMI cables, transceiver modules, a laser transmitter module, vibration sensor module, obstacle avoidance sensor, flame detection sensor, 4-channel relay module, and so much more. This kit is bound to keep you busy for days on end.

Vilros Retro Arcade Kit

For retro gaming enthusiasts, this Raspberry Pi kit features everything you need to enjoy the nostalgic experience of playing your favorite classics. Included is a Raspberry Pi 3, retro gaming case and controllers, a 32GB Samsung MicroSD card and an 8GB flash drive that’s preloaded with named folders to make game transfers easier.

You can pick up this Raspberry Pi Kit and many more from the official Vilros website. With a vast collection of accessories and modules on offer, great prices and affordable shipping options, it’s the perfect place to find everything you need for your Raspberry Pi projects.

Compact Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

One of the hardest things about using your Raspberry Pi as a computer is finding a suitable set of peripherals. Ideally, you’d want it to be compact but still functional. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo by OKELA features a standard set of keys with a function key row in addition to a number of media control buttons and an intuitive mousepad.

For those who love a little color, this keyboard also features adjustable RGB lighting. It’s ideal for portable applications thanks to its tiny form factor, while still offering all the functionality you need to use it at your desktop. Being wireless also means you have one less cable to manage.


This nifty device packs in a variety of tools into one compact package, including humidity and temperature sensors, pressure detection, a magnetometer, barometer and 5-button joystick support for gaming projects. It fits perfectly into your Raspberry Pi case and also features an 8X8 LED matrix for some fun projects.

Vilros Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit

Included in this kit is the Raspberry Pi Zero with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. There’s also a premium black case with an additional three covers for various uses. A 16GB MicroSD card is included, with NOOBS version 2.4 preloaded. The power supply is a 2.5W unit made especially for the Raspberry Pi.

A 5ft HDMI-Mini to HDMI cable is included, along with a variety of additional accessories such as a bespoke heat sink and a Micro USB to USB 4 port OTG hub, making for an overall efficient and versatile package. For as little as $34.99, this kit makes for a great start to your Raspberry Pi experience.

Touchscreen Display

Topping off the list with something truly impressive, this official touchscreen display can turn your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged tablet. The LCD panel is 7 inches in size and includes an adapter board, DSI ribbon cable, stand-offs, screws, jumper wires and a Perspex layer frame. The display is 800 x 480 in resolution and is capable of detecting 10 fingers.

If you haven’t realized by now, the Raspberry Pi is an extremely versatile piece of tech. With the right kits and accessories, you can turn this simple tiny computer into just about anything.

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