7 Creative Website Design Ideas To Help Your Business Grow

We guess that we won’t surprise anyone saying that the number of websites grows at the tremendously fast speed nowadays. It’s become indispensable for every business to be present online in order to reach wider audiences. Building a website you grow the public recognition of your brand, making more people curious about the solutions that you provide.

Taking into account how competitive the modern-day web has become, it’s no longer enough to run simply a good-looking website. You need to enhance it with something that will make you stand out from the competition. This can be a lucrative and beneficial offer for your visitors or several web design tricks that will make you stand out. 7 of the most luring website ideas are in the focus of our attention today.

In the modern-day world, absolutely everyone can create a website. It doesn’t matter if you have any programming skills and you are good at the development of luring online projects. If you have a general concept of how your site should look like and the desire to bring your creative ideas to live, then you are ready to get straight to the construction.

There are plenty of usable and innovative tools that you can make use of. These include drag-and-drop site builders. The latter provides you with the freedom to build versatile online projects without touching a single line of code. Simply select the pre-designed elements and drop them to the place where you’d like those to be located. Bring all the necessary changes in the real-time and watch your site go live hassle-free.

7 Website Ideas to Build an Effective Business

There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Building a business website, keep the focus of your attention on its usability and the ease of navigation. A good website is the one that is easy and effortless to browse even for the first-time visitors. The following website ideas will help you build an outstanding business website.

1. Make It Unique

Your business website should have a versatile design that will make it look different from the sits of competitors. Building a website on the basis of a ready-made theme we face the risk of launching a web design that will have similar equivalents on the web. If you want your site to be one-of-a-kind, you should be ready to bring some changes to the layout, so that it reflects your business identity perfectly well.

The quickest and easiest way to achieve this is to personalize a theme with the help of a visual page builder. As you work in the intuitive visual mode, you can take the entire control over the look and feel of your site. While tweaking the widgets and modules of the ready-made layout, you can customize them as per your brand’s corporate style.

2. Keep It Clean & Focused on Content

That’s the content that makes your website unique. Different pieces of data that you share on the pages of your business website deliver the objectives of your brand to the target audience. While landing on your web page, people shouldn’t feel confused on seeing multiple design elements that pop up here and there. It seems that clean and minimalist designs that are built with the focus on the essential pieces of data will never go out of fashion.

3. Keep the Site’s Navigation Patterns Always at the Fingertips

website Navigation

This is especially important for the content-rich web pages to provide the web users with the intuitive site navigation options. One of such most popular solutions is sticky navigation panel, which always remains within the users’ reach. So, whenever a person decides to take a look at the different category of data on your site, he can always achieve this with just one click.

4. Use Videos

If an image can say a thousand words, a video can be even more informative. Stats show that about 80% of the web users watch videos online every week. Using videos will be especially beneficial to those companies that sell physical products or provide specific services to their customers. Integrating a video review in the product pages grows the chances that the user’s site browsing session will end up with a purchase.

5. Enhance Your Design with Usable Animation Effects

The truth is that that people are lazy. When it comes to surfing the web is search of the necessary data, they will hardly ever navigate to the second page of Google search results. When they browse your site, provide them with the maximum comfort of reaching more data using animation effects. This can be literally everything – from the generally beloved parallax scrolling animation to the tried and true button hover effect. In addition to the more interactive and catching site browsing experience, the users will consume your data easily as they simply make their way down the page.

6. Use Custom Typography

Every website is made up of texts. Gone are the days when the boring Times New Roman or Arial could keep the audience with you. If you want to take the message of your site to the new level and keep the users engaged, then you need to opt for some unique shapes for your site’s design. The unique fonts can find their place in all areas of your site. This can be the logo design, banners, CTAs, blog posts, etc.

7. Make Social Media Options Accessible

Social media is an indispensable part of the majority of the modern-day web users. In order to better engage with your audience, keep social sharing options easy-to-reach. For example, you can place those on the sticky navigation panel at the top of the web page. You can also include them in the post pages, thus letting your readers spread the word about the preferred pieces of data with a single click.

Wrapping up

By integrating creative website ideas into your business project, you can cultivate a large and dedicated consumer base that will keep returning to you over again. While there are plenty of cool web design elements that you can integrate into your web project, make your own choice of the web design elements that will:

  • Appeal to your audience.
  • Represent your brand.
  • Draw the users’ attention to the CTAs.
  • Provide the web users with the right pieces of data that will keep them informed and engaged.
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