7 Essential Packing Hacks for Your Next Holiday

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you like to get away from time to time, there’s a number of ways to pack smarter for life on the go. You should be able to fit everything you need into a small suitcase and a personal item once you learn how to pack effectively, so you can always be prepared for your next trip. Regardless of how long you’re going to be on the road this season, here are 7 essential packing hacks designed to optimize space for your next holiday.

1- Roll Your Clothing

One essential packing hack for your next getaway is rolling your clothing. Whether you’re a staunch minimalist just bringing a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, or you’re hauling your treasure trove of the latest women’s fashion, rolling your clothing is a great way to save space and reduce wrinkles. This technique will save space, keep your clothes wrinkle-free and help you stow away your everyday wear in a way that also lets you transport the sophisticated apparel you could need in a suitcase effectively.

2- Incorporate Your Pants

After you roll your clothing and start placing it in your suitcase, another key packing hack for your trip incorporates your trousers. Place the tops of any expensive pairs of trousers toward the center of your suitcase with the legs hanging over the sides. Because you can use this technique to pack a suit, fill up the rest of the suitcase with your clothes, wrap the pant legs upward to avoid creases and zip it up quickly.

3- Protect Your Suits

Another important packing hack for traveling in style is protecting your suits. Because you can use a simple trick like rolling your belt to protect your dress shirt’s collar, add your more formal and professional clothing to your suitcase carefully to keep it fresh and pressed. Fold up your jacket and place it on top of your rolled items before you wrap them up in trousers and place your dress shirts and belt on top to pack every essential item away easily. Here’s another pro tip: Invest in a garment bag. This will help keep your suits crisp and clean, even if you have to pack them in with other items.

4- Layer Your Outfit

If you’re short on the room when you finish packing your suitcase, a useful packing hack involves wearing your heaviest garments in layers. This technique helps you stay comfortable while you’re in transit by keeping you warm in cars, buses, and planes. Carry these priorities into your footwear, too, and consider wearing your heaviest (but walkable) shoes and boots to save extra room in your bag. When you wear your thicker, bigger clothes while traveling, you can lighten your load while packing and make sure you have clothes for cold weather at your destination.

5- Lock in Your Essentials

Once you’ve taken the time to compress your carry-on bag, focus on outfitting one of these leather briefcases for men to organize go-to items like toiletries with zipper storage bags. This technique ensures everything you need is in one place, so you won’t be worrying about misplaced necessities like computer chargers or jewelry.

6- Waterproof Your Bag

Once you’ve spent time dividing up your items into plastic bags, spend some time waterproofing your bag. Line the walls of your luggage with your handy resealable bags and any other water resistant items you’d like to take with you. Because your clothes will stay sheltered from moisture throughout your journey, this technique helps you with unexpected weather conditions you may encounter.

7- Secure your Valuables

One final, but vitally important packing hack for your time away involves securing your valuables. Keeping track of irreplaceable belongings is an important part of traveling, so whether you’re traveling with high-end men’s watches or expensive electronics, remember to keep your valuables with you as much as you can. You won’t have control over your possessions if you check your bag, so keep important documents, jewelry and electronics tucked away in your carry-on bag.

Once you’ve mastered the 7 essential packing hacks for your next holiday, explore additional travel tips to enjoy your time on the move this season. You should always try your best when utilizing baggage space for a vacation to get the process down and then fill it right every time. When you’re ready to get organized and then head out of town, consider these packing tips to make the most of your time with friends and family during each and every holiday this year.

Alex Forrester
Alex Forrester
Alex G Forrester, a freelance content marketer, and consultant, with nearly 7 years of content writing experience about everything from marketing and technology to family and travel. When he’s not brushing up against a deadline, he can be found on the beach with his black lab, Louie. You can find Alex on Twitter and Facebook


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