7 Low-Impact Exercises For Obese People With Painful Knees

Joint pain or muscular pain is no more a big traumatic word in this world, as every eight out of ten people around us are suffering from some sort of joint pains. Our unhealthy life patterns have paved ways for these so-called joint pains specifically the knee pain (that has won the race among all) to enter our lives and gradually threaten us towards immobility. From hectic overnight working hours, getting stuck to a motor accident, being overweight to an unhealthy eating pattern there can be numerous reasons leading towards the arthritis pain.  But beyond all, when everything fails to act even moderate exercises can help ease the joint stiffness miraculously. So this article is a lifesaver for all those obese people who complain about knee-joint stiffness due to over-weight but before starting keep in mind that first you should get the best shoes for knee pain. So let’s begin now.

#1. Walking

For sure, sore joints are discomforting but staying in the couch and showing less movement is not the solution but instead, it has a negative impact on your bones, as showing less flexibility can make your knee’s supporting muscles more stiff and rigid. To combat the situation it’s better to go for a free walk daily in the ground for at least about 15 to 20 minutes, so the bones can warm up and come to the healing position.

#2. Cycling

No need to join the gym and pay the hefty membership fees as cycling is a more fun way not only to lose some extra calories but also to strengthen your legs muscles. Either get a portable mini bike paddle exercising machine or an actual traveling cycle to help you out with the knee pain. Cycling not only works wonders in strengthening your knee muscles but also relieves calves muscles and foot swelling.

#3. Swimming

Unlike other muscle strengthening exercises, swimming is one of the best cardio exercises for your knees that strengthen weak knee muscles and boost the flexibility level. So choose a more fun workout plan rather than opting for boring gym machines and squats that put stress on the heels and knees. The buoyant nature of the water makes it easier for obese people to balance their weight while walking or swimming without putting a strain on the knees so jump into your community swimming pool for a swim, water aerobics or for an easy walk to get faster recovery.

#4. Strengthening exercises

We don’t mean heavy weight lifting here, but practising a certain amount of muscular strengthening activities like stretching, free weights, yoga, hamstring curls, etc. can regain your muscular vitality, body balance and in result will also relieve in joint pain. But consult your trainer or orthopedist first before taking into any exercise plan for getting better results.

If you are looking for more information on strengthening exercises and how to incorporate them in your daily life, then this website: Strengthery is a great resource for you to check out.

#5. Ups & Downs

Doing sit-ups using a chair is the easiest among all gentle workouts that minimize the stress on the knees but also give promising results, plus you can do it anywhere whether in the office, school library or at home. Just grab an armless chair sit in a straight firm position and stand up erectly, hold a second, breathe deeply and slowly sit down again. Repeat this every day to improve body balance and knee joint’s flexibility. Calf raises, hamstring stretch and calf stretch are another impactful knee exercises that you can do using a chair and works best on bad knees.

#6. Planting

Slow movements like doing a mop every day, changing your home interior setting occasionally, sowing plants in the yard, raking leaves, watering and cutting plants are few of the light strength training exercises that you can enjoy doing at home if you hate the sound of the gym.

#7. Epilator trainer

Instead of jumping, running and doing squats or lunges that not only put high stress on the knees but are also difficult to do due to over-weight, experiment with an epilator trainer machine that has a lower stressful impact and burns the same amount of calories as well.

Concluding tip: even though these knee strengthening exercises gives great results but we would recommend you to consult your orthopedic physician first for guidance. If you haven’t consulted any trainer yet then feel free to contact any of the best Atlanta Orthopedics for great consultation. Don’t forget to have your workout essentials with you while you’re going about your routine. Get therapeutic massage balls to mitigate any inflammation and support your muscles. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated.

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