7 Main Facts About Car Insurance Policy

Comprehensive cover does not necessarily mean full cover.

When comprehensive cover is mention, it will look like your car will be undercover in every situation and you will not be required to pay the car insurance deductible but certainly, you have to pay the full amount of the insurance deductible as agreed in the contract even when under these comprehensive cover. Under the American insurance comprehensive cover mean your car is covered in other cases collisions not included. The car insurance deductible will have to be paid when the car is involved in an accident before the insurer comes in. The cover majorly reimburses cost under cases such as your car being swept by flood, fire damage, your car being vandalized and when your car is stolen. It is important to know terms of the car insurance deductible when applying for any type of insurance policy to avoid conflict when needed to pay the amount.

The car you drive affect the rate of car insurance deductible to pay.

Your car insurance deductible will be greatly affected by the car you drive. A small car which is of high speed which can be prone to accidents related to speed such as veering of the road as result of the driver failing to control it at higher speed, hitting other road users and failing to observe basic traffic rules when such as speed limit when under high speed, will attract a higher car insurance deductible to the American insurance. Driving a car of medium size which if fitted with most if not all features that ensure its safety is of a higher standard, the car insurance deductible that this car will attract will significantly be higher. Individual’s credit score affects their rates.

Each time an individual making payment for the premium to the American insurance they earn some points. These points are given according to the time you pay your premium according to the terms of the contract such as the American insurance the points are used to make judgment and gauge if one can take responsibility and pay car insurance deductible as required. When you can pay on time can also pay the car insurance deductible on time and the insurer pays the remaining cost.in case where the car insurance deductible can settle the damages the insurer will not pay anything but your points will become more as u are considered to take more risks and consequently the credit score will be high while late submission score low points and are looked to be at risk of not paying the car insurance deductible on time too. The credit score is an indicator that you who pays the car insurance deductible on time and who delays.

Paying a higher deductible

Believing in on oneself as a good driver who will cause less minimum accidents in the road and paying the higher car insurance deductible to the American insurance is the best choice these reduce the amount of premium to pay. Car insurance deductible that is to be paid off the pocket in case of an accident occurring before the insurance starts the act. Choosing the highest car insurance deductible you at are capable of at any time is the best option. Paying a higher amount of car insurance deductible will significantly reduce the amount of premium which is an important aspect in purchasing cover in the company.

Pay semi-annually rather than monthly.

Payment can be done annually, semi-annually and monthly depending on the plans of the person applying. Paying on a monthly basis will make the payment at the American insurance will make it reach its maturity after a very long time and increase the amount of car insurance deductible when an accident occurs. While paying annually and over a period of six months will make it reach maturity earlier and save the buyer a good amount of money, also in case of an accident the amount of car insurance deductible will reduce at a significant value.

It is costly to let the insurance policy lapse

It is a mandatory requirement to valid insurance that is active all the time. Insurance companies may take advantage of the situation where the policy period has lapsed can easily make you pay for the irresponsible behavior exhibited. In case of an accident, car insurance deductible can be very high because there is no binding agreement between any company. The car insurance is paid when there active policy from an insurance company that can come in and pays the rest amount after the car insurance deductible amount have been paid. To minimize extra charges, after switching companies it is advisable to have the replacement from the new insurance company set.


Insurance companies provide a clause for discount to her esteemed customers. The discount can be in terms of the car insurance deductibles where the company can foot the car insurance deductibles these will encourage more customers. Discount can be in terms of credit score which will encourage customers to pay on time and score more.


Premium and car insurance deductibles work together in ensuring that the best cost reimbursement when an accident that requires that the damages be met by the two contracting parties are involved is solved smoothly.

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