7 of the Most Innovative Companies in Oregon

In this fast-paced world, innovation plays an important role in the society. It gives people more options that will help them make life easier.

According to Bloomberg US State Innovation Index, Oregon is the sixth most innovative state next to Massachusetts, California, Washington, New Jersey, and Maryland. The presence of tech companies like Intel, Epson, and Oracle in Silicon Forest played a big role on Oregon’s high ranking.

Aside from tech companies, below are some of the most innovative companies in Oregon:

#1. Coolest Cooler

Imagine this: camping trip with your friends. You brought a lot of things like cooler, chargers, and kitchen utensils among others to make sure that all your needs are covered. Can you imagine how heavy that could be, especially if you have to trek?

This is where the Coolest Cooler comes in. This cooler comes with blender, cutting board, USB charger, and Bluetooth speaker, which creator Ryan Grepper referred to as the “portable party disguised as a cooler.”

#2. Truck Trike

You own a mini grocery downtown and part of your daily routine include picking up tons of items in boxes for your inventory. Your car can be a good idea, but would you want to convert your personal vehicle into a delivery van? Renting a delivery truck is also out of the question because this would entail additional costs.

In that case, you might want to try the Truck Trike. This industrial trike with universal flatbed can carry up to 600 lbs. of payload while allowing you to maneuver and park in congested areas. What makes Truck Trike even more innovative is the fact that it simplified driving. The best part is this one is fully sustainable with no fossil fuels and zero emissions. How can you say no to that?

#3. Medrock’s Hip Trac

Did you know that osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in America? Unfortunately, this could affect major joints including those of hips, thereby making it difficult for you to move unless you get a hip replacement. Still, this could be costly.

Thankfully, there is something called Hip Trac, a pneumatic medical device that replicates manual long axis traction, only this time, you get to do this form of therapy at home. This will eliminate pain and the use of pain medications, improve one’s mobility and range of motion, and boost tolerance while working out. These increases function as well, which means you don’t have to rely on other people all the time.

#4. Workfrom

Are you a freelancer, virtual assistant, remote worker, work from home professional, or entrepreneur? Working at home can be convenient, but how much work can you finish if your bed constantly reminds you how comforting it is to lie down and sleep?

This is where Workfrom can be helpful. Conceptualized by Darren Buckner, Workfrom provides listings that will tell you how “workable” a particular space or place is like coffee shop, restaurants, or co-working spaces. You can learn about WiFi speeds, type of seating, number of power outlets, and more.

More importantly, Workfrom allows you to connect with others like you who said goodbye to daily commute and stressful office life. You may even consider getting a project management certification in Portland, OR to work more efficiently.

#5. Growlerwerks

Who doesn’t like beer? Beer has always been a staple drink in almost every party. If you want to offer something different to your guests, then you should check out Growlerwerks.

Unlike ordinary kegs, Growlerwerks is a pressurized growler for draft beer made from vacuum insulated stainless steel. It has the ability to keep your beer deliciously cold, fresh, and carbonated for as much as two weeks through VPR Pressurization Cap. Its appealing look will also make you want to share this with your friends. Growlerwerks is also a great travel companion too, thereby allowing you to enjoy beer wherever you go – as long as you don’t drink and drive.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and schedule that house party.

#6. KidRunner

This product is made especially for moms and dads who are into running. The company manufacturing KidRunner started this product out of frustration. At present, it is the highest performing kid jogger in the world that allows the parents to go outdoors and let the little one tag along. It is designed for parents who want to combine fitness, performance, and freedom without leaving your child behind.

Don’t worry about the child inside. KidRunner is made of advanced materials and patented Harmoning Damping System (DPS) to ensure both comfort and smooth ride for the child.

#7. Spaceview

What makes you decide to buy a certain item? Do you conceptualize first on your mind as to how a new furniture or accessory will look like in your house?

If yes, then you will enjoy Spaceview. The concept of this app is to transform how physical products will look like in a particular environment. This is ideal for those who are in the furniture business because you get to show your clients how a certain piece will blend well in, say their home, thereby helping you improve your sales.

If you have any interest in moving to Oregon, you know there’s a couple of cool places to work. Take these organizations into consideration if you ever find yourself in Oregon – or recommend these companies to a friend.

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