7 Reasons Learning Algebra is really Important

Many a time, when high school students say “I am covering this section of Algebra in my class now”, adults often end up saying “I have not used Algebra since graduation”. Such replies are very discouraging for students who like algebra or want to pursue it.

While many of us may not understand, Algebra plays quite a few important roles in our education, especially if one wishes to pursue with Math. But we often overlook the importance that this subject has.

To that end, here are 7 reasons why learning algebra is important, as mentioned by Etutorworld:

Algebra is Necessary to Pursue Master In Statistics and Calculus:

While applying for a higher degree in Calculus or Statistics, it is important to have a strong hold on Algebra.  Additionally, Algebra is very important for various job profiles as well.

Statistics, for example, is used by various companies to make sales forecast, business estimation and supports important decision making. This is a very important subject in the field of education, health, wellness, politics, business, and such other professions. Understanding statistics not only does help business personnel but also assists customers in decision making.

On the other hand, Calculus helps one understand multiple complex processes, for instance how the speed of an object changes with time. Multiple scientists and research scholars use Calculus to develop new technology, consumer good, and medical treatments. In that light, if one wishes to have a career in the field of computer science, medicine and engineering, a strong grasp of calculus is required.

A lot of the theories in both of these branch of Math is related to algebra. This shows the importance of the subject.

Algebra May Become  a Job Requirement Later In Life:

While computer science and engineering may be a few career options, not many students decide to go in that field. In fact, may students choose to change their jobs later in life. In that light Calculus and Statistics may not be required to a great extent. But under such circumstance, algebra can be of help as it aids in making career options smoother.

Algebra Can Be Used In Places Outside Office:

Algebra can be used in operations outside the office too. In fact, it’s very helpful in making financial decisions. For instance, you can choose a medical plan for yourself and your family using the two-variable equations to find out the break-even point for the multiple options that are available. It can also be used in making the ideal cell phone plan. Algebra can also be beneficial to be used in crafting.

Algebra Makes Way For Logical Thinking:

Logical reasoning and Algebra are like the two sides of the same coin. Thus, it can be used to teach logical reasoning to students as well. In that light, for those taking up the teaching profession, Algebra can be of use.

Modern Technology Uses Algebra To A Great Extent:

It is important to note that almost all of the modern technologies that we use in our daily lives would not exist without Algebra. Google, mobile phones, digital television all rely on Algebra. While using mobile phones, we rely on others who have studied the subject and has a strong sense of it. As more and more people are using mobile phones, more people having a strong base in Algebra are required

It Is An Interesting Challenge:

Like every other Math problem, there will be times when you will come face to face with a  challenge while dealing with Algebra. However, it brings a great sense of achievement once you are able to solve the problem with your own skills. In fact, many students prefer Algebra in school and see it more as a challenge.

Since Algebra is an important subject having a lot of implications and uses in various job profiles, it’s important to have a strong grip on the subject. In that light, it’s crucial to have a good algebra tutor who can teach a student all about the problems and help in the establishment of a firm foundation of the subject.

Algebra Makes it Easy To Deal With Numbers:

Though many people may not realize it, algebra helps in understanding Math problems which only involve numbers. In the absence of a strong hold on algebra, students fail to get a good grasp on how numbers work, and eventually fail to get good grades in Math.

Learn well and shine!

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