7 Tech Inventions That are Changing Construction

When most people think of tech inventions, they think of popular technology like the latest iPhone or newest consumer gadget. But tech inventions actually help a lot of businesses improve their processes, and the construction industry is no exception.

Here are 7 tech inventions that are changing construction:

1- Augmented reality and blueprints

Mobile apps and devices are making waves in the construction industry by using augmented reality to assist workers with the building. Technology like Microsoft’s HoloLens helps construction projects save money and time by giving builders an in-depth visual of their project.

2- Laser scanning for exact measurements

For precision accuracy, laser scanning allows construction jobs to maximize efficiency and avoid errors. You can use a laser scanner to verify the measurements of a specific material or scan tight, awkward spaces on the construction site for exact specifications.

3- Using drones for project management and inspection

Can’t make it to a job site, or looking to inspect a hard-to-reach area? Drones can help assist project managers with oversight, and drones can also assist construction workers to understand what work is still left to be done.

4- 3-d printers create custom materials

If you’re looking for a very specific, custom product to complete a job, a 3-d printer is a great tech invention that may be able to help. Depending on the material, you may be able to use a 3-d printer to create anything from a custom piece of plumbing to a custom design feature.

5- Speed things up with concrete blankets

Concrete curing blankets are changing the way construction projects are scheduled. Why? Well, some concrete blankets have been specially made to accelerate the curing process with special technology that works 2.8 faster than traditional insulation products.

6- Artificial intelligence builds buildings one brick at a time

Automation has come to the construction world. Instead of having workers lay brick by hand or with a machine, you can automate the process with artificial intelligence, or robotics, programmed to complete the task with ease. Think of it as a great solution for those bitter cold days, holiday projects or other times when labor is short but the deadlines are rapidly approaching.

7- Accountability and data

Wondering how much concrete you really need for a project? By equipping your construction site with sophisticated data monitoring, you’ll be able to keep track of all your supplies, labor hours, and other details to maximize the profitability and efficiency of your current project and future project. Pro tip: It’s a good idea to have someone who is proficient in analyzing data assist you with streamlining the process.

As technology continues to improve the functionality of construction sites, the future of the industry is sure to evolve. By combining innovation with construction, workers, project managers, and investors will see an improvement in their experience. Projects will become faster, less expensive, and more profitable as the construction industry adopts the latest tech inventions.

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