8 Advantages of Installing a Continuous Flow Hot Water System

A continuous flow hot water system has a smaller footprint than the traditional hot water tank that supplies hot water to many homes. Continuous flow hot water heaters are also called “tankless” water heaters or “on-demand” hot water systems.

Even there are some options available in the market to choose, you should consider point out in the right direction, so you assure both reduce electric energy consumption and save your budget by making a proper solar hot water systems comparison.

How Do Continuous Flow Water Heaters Work? –

Rather than keeping a full tank of water warm 24/7, a continuous flow water heater senses when the tap has been turned on and water is entering the heater. The control panel will turn on a fan and open the gas valve and ignite the burner. There is no standing pilot light in an on-demand water heater system.

A heat exchanger inside of the unit will take the heat from the burner and transfer this heat to the water that is going through its tubing. A mixing valve will get the temperature of the water in exactly the desired range. Exhaust gases are vented through the roof or an outside wall.

The following are some advantages of this new water heating technology over the venerable water heater tank system.

Energy Savings –

With a traditional water heater, you have to keep heating up the water in the 40- to 50-gallon tank, even when you are in bed and won’t be up for six more hours. This wastes energy. On-demand systems heat the water within the small unit just before delivery.

No energy is used if you don’t have the tap on. An on-demand water heater will save the average homeowner 27 to 50 percent in yearly energy savings.

Smaller Footprint –

In even the smallest homes, the traditional water heater takes up quite a bit of space. Most continuous flow systems are in a small box that is mounted to a wall. Thus, they usually take up no floor space.

This may be a really good idea. There are some customers who have had their traditional, propane hot water heaters dangerously mounted in closets that they then fill with clothing. This presents a fire danger to your family.

Lasts Longer –

The average water heater tank will begin leaking in eight to 12 years. There is nothing any plumber can do with a leaking water heater but replace it. On-demand, propane water heaters tend to last about 20 years.

No Catastrophic Leaks –

When an on-demand water heater fails, it may not heat your water, but it will not leak and create a water-damage scenario in your home or basement.

Maintenance –

With a hot water tank, yearly maintenance involves draining and refilling the tank to get out the sediment that harms energy performance. Yearly service for your on-demand water heater will involve either cleaning or changing the air and water filters and inspecting the burner.

If your area has hard water, you will need to do a vinegar flush of your on-demand water heater every 500 hours to keep minerals from clogging the unit’s heat exchanger. The vinegar flush takes only 20 minutes of your time.

Unit Cost Affordability –

Although water heater tanks are still cheaper than continuous flow water heaters, the increased adoption of continuous flow water heaters in Australia has brought down the costs.

Reliability –

There were some on-demand water heaters that were very temperamental when these units first came on the market, causing reliability issues. The newer on-demand water heaters no longer suffer from reliability issues. Also, you don’t have to worry about using up all of your hot water, as you do with a water heater tank. There will still be hot water available after a member of your family takes a bath.

Code-Compliance Costs –

When you install a water heater tank, you often have the costs of adding drain lines, concrete slabs, and pressure relief valves. On-demand heaters do not require those code-compliance add-ons.

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