8 Best Web Analytics Tools in 2018

As a business owner or a marketer, it is important for you to analyze data captured on the web. It will help you to get a better understanding on how your website is doing. In order to proceed with web analytics, you will need to get your hands on the best web analytics tools as well. Below mentioned are some of the most prominent web analytics tools that are available for you to try out in 2018. You can go through the list and select a one based on your preferences.

#1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be considered as the most popular web analytics tool among people. The basic package of Google Analytics comes for free. With that, you will be provided with the opportunity to gain access to 20 unique metrics. The features offered with Google Analytics are impressive. For example, you will be able to see how many visitors came to a specific page of a website and even the specific devices that they used in order to access the website. You can easily set up and configure Google Analytics as well. Hence, it is an ideal tool available for the marketers who don’t have a strong technical background.

#2. Adobe Analytics Cloud

Among the web analytics tools available for people to try out, Adobe Analytics Cloud has also received a lot of attention. Adobe Analytics Cloud was initially named as Omniture. Since the acquisition of this tool from Adobe, a large number of unique and impressive features were added. In fact, Adobe Analytics Cloud is identified as a complex and a complete tool available for web analytics. This web analytics tool is ideal for the large enterprises. However, small businesses will also be able to gain useful insights out of Adobe Analytics Cloud.

#3. Snowplow

Snowplow is a web analytics tool, which has specifically been designed for the use of individuals who want to receive granular level access control over the data they have. It is important to keep in mind that Snowplow doesn’t come along with a nice looking front end interface. Therefore, Snowplow is more recommended for the technical individuals. You will be able to run queries with Snowplow and get hold of important analytics data that you want. But if you want data visualizations, you are provided with the chance to go ahead and integrate Snowplow with a third party tool such as Tableau. You will also be able to share data through Snowplow with interested parties.

#4. Zap

Zap is an ideal choice available for the people who want to find data collection and business intelligence capabilities within a single product. It is also important to keep in mind that Zap is more oriented towards enterprises. Hence, people who want to conduct web analytics at the enterprise level are encouraged to go ahead with Zap. The best thing about Zap is that you will be able to integrate it with a large number of other tools. In other words, you will be able to integrate Zap with Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics and Qlik. Moreover, Zap can help you to integrating to CRM and ERP applications as well. Hence, Zap can be considered as an all-inclusive and a versatile web analytics tool available for you to try out in 2018.

#5. Piwik

If you are interested in tracking all the moves of your website in real time, Piwik is the best web analytics tool available for you to try out. Some people say that Piwik is a clone of Google Analytics. But if you take a closer look at Piwik, you will be able to get to know about the unique features that it has. For example, Piwik will provide you with the opportunity to host the analytics engine within your server. If you are getting a lot of traffic to your website, Piwik is a good option available to consider.

#6. Chartbeat

Chartbeat is a great option available for the individuals who are looking to get their hands on a live analytics package. That’s because the tool is in a position to measure website data real time. The results offered to the users by Chartbeat are accurate as well. On the other hand, Chartbeat is a useful and a compelling tool that you can try out. One of the greatest reasons behind the popularity of Chartbeat is that it is not an expensive tool such as Adobe Analytics Cloud. Hence, Chartbeat has become more popular among the small web-based businesses out there in the world.

#7. Clicky

Simplicity is the strength that you can find in Clicky. If you don’t want to get frustrated because of complex features, you can go for Clicky without keeping any doubt in mind. Due to this reason, Clicky is identified as an excellent alternative available for Google Analytics as well. You will be able to generate useful reports via Clicky within a matter of few minutes. The basic version of Clicky is offered for free and the features are limited. However, you will be able to make a reasonable payment and unlock all the advanced features that are offered along with Clicky. However, some people say that the real-time data tracking capabilities offered by Clicky are not impressive when compared to Google. But if you are more concerned about the user interface, Clicky is the perfect tool available for you to move forward with.

#8. Parsley

Parsley is a web analytics tool that has been designed for the use of Media Publishers. For example, you can upload an article to your website and use Parsley to get a better idea about how many people are reading. You will also be able to measure the time that they have spent while reading the article as well. Due to these features, Parsley is recommended for the use of publishers. However, Parsley is not the cheapest tool that you can purchase as well.

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