8 Brilliant Ideas to Level up Your Backyard

Do you need a special space for a new hobby, for family time, or for relaxation? You don’t have to leave your house for any of those. It’s all in your backyard, literally.

Your backyard can be anything you want it to be—a flower garden, a playground, an entertainment center. The sky’s the limit. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and resources to do the work.

If you’re eager to start another home improvement project, try these ideas to upgrade your backyard.

#1. Freshen up Your Deck

Time and prolonged exposure to the elements will wear away the beauty of your deck, making your backyard look old and unkempt. Freshen up the deck to perk up your backyard. Clear the debris—like dirt, leaves, pebbles—and clean crevices and cracks. Next, spray with a mixture of bleach and warm water and scrub to remove mildew.  Finally, protect your wooden deck with a redwood stain or waterproofing sealer.

#2. Install New Furniture

Furniture is a large part of upgrading. Keeping old, shabby furniture will only reinforce the dilapidated backyard condition. If you have a big budget, get new pieces to compliment your backyard aesthetics. Don’t worry of you don’t have the a lot of cash. There are affordable ways to restore old furniture. Sometimes a good cleaning and a new paint job can work wonders on old pieces.

#3. Plant a Tree

I shall never see a poem as love as a tree, wrote the poet Joyce Kilmer.

Indeed, trees breathe beauty, life, and tranquility into a place. Planting a tree in your backyard won’t just improve aesthetics, but also give you natural shade and help save the environment. As far as maintenance goes, you only need to actively of a tree when it is young. But once the tree has grown, it only requires minimal upkeep.

#4. Start a Garden

Starting a garden is a sure way to enhance your backyard. You can choose what plants to include in your garden, flowers, fruits, or vegetables. When starting your garden, it’s important to check first if your area has the ideal conditions to grow the plants you want.

Once you have a list, choose plants you want then prepare the ground. Remove stary rocks, trash, and weeds. Boost soil conditions by adding a layer of compost. Loosen the soil by digging. When the ground is ready, plant the seeds.

#5. Build a Playground

A backyard playground is perfect for families with kids and pets. If you’re fond of doing home improvements, then this can be your next do-it-yourself project. As preparation, scope the area you have and plan for the scale of your playground. You can then purchase the materials you need and begin preparing the grounds by leveling and establishing a weed barrier. Finally, position the playset then cover the ground with rubber mulch. You can also use wood chips as a cheaper alternative.

#6. Construct an Outdoor Pool

Summertime can get hot and sweaty. And as much as you want to cool down, public beaches and pools are packed during the season. Skip the crowded shores and poolsides and Globo Surf could help you build your own swimming pool. Before you dive right into the task, take the time to answer a few questions. Why do you want a pool? What kind of pool do you want? How much is your budget? How much space do you have? Who will build the pool?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you can proceed with researching how to construct pools or contact contractors.

And in wintertime, you have an option of hot tubs in your backyard. Those are easy to install and relocate, and apart from wintertime, some best hot tubs can work as best home spas for you on a regular basis too.

#7. Remodel Your Shed

Gone are the days when a shed is just a storage space for neglected tools and equipment. Nowadays, sheds are repurposed in many ways—a guest room, an entertainment area, a playroom, a gym, or an extra bathroom.

You can even transform your shed into your extended home. To do this, equip your shed with the necessities, a sleeping area, a small kitchen, and a shower and toilet. Install a 30-inch farmhouse sink, cupboard, and countertop in one corner for the kitchen and leave the middle area as convertible space for sleeping, dining, and other purposes.

Partition a small corner for a shower and toilet. Use a Saniflo upflush toilet to avoid the hassle of breaking the ground for plumbing. You can do whatever you want with your shed, as long as you’re willing to put up the work and resources to remodel it.

#8. Upgrade You Backyard

If you’re like most homeowners, you want your home to stay beautiful and properly maintained. To do this, you must take care of all areas in your home, inside and outside. Your backyard should not be an exception.

You don’t have to break the bank to restore and upgrade your backyard. Constant maintenance, like cleaning and repainting, can slow down wear and tear. There are plenty of thing your can do with that area in your house, and remodeling will cost less if don’t have to pay for repairs.

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