8 International Cities Perfect for Business Students

Every minute, the world shrinks. Thanks to the wonders of tech, most notably the internet, it is easier than ever to conduct business from half a world away, meaning most entrepreneurs launch their startups with intentions to build a global empire. Indeed, whether you like it or not, your business dreams will likely take you outside the U.S., interfacing with manufacturers, suppliers and consumer audiences from around the globe.

Thus, it is best to prepare for this international eventuality while you are in school. By enrolling in an international program or traveling abroad to earn your MBA, you can gain the necessary experience to function well in the international business environment of the present and future. Here are a few cities to which you might strongly consider relocating when you want to enhance your business credentials to another degree.

#1. Amsterdam

If you can turn your attention from Amsterdam’s legal vices, you’ll likely find the Netherlands capital city to be a haven for international business students. While the culture of Amsterdam is easy-going and tolerant, markets can be cutthroat; at its heart, Amsterdam is a port city that has served commercial interests for centuries. Though the number of high-ranking universities in Amsterdam is low, especially compared to other European hubs, there is certainly much to learn in the Venice of the North.

#2. Hong Kong

Contrary to popular belief, Hong Kong is not a city in China, but rather it is a special administrative district, replete with its own currency, laws and immigration channels. The city was able to establish its independence largely due to its global economic influence; while much of China and Southeast Asia moved toward communism, Hong Kong has thrived under a capitalist economy, offering more economic freedom than any other city on Earth. Studying Hong Kong’s laws and markets is an excellent way for you to become familiar with the global trade.

#3. London

Easily the largest city in the U.K. — generating nearly a quarter of the country’s GDP — and among the largest cities in Europe, London has much to offer international business students like you. Some of the best business schools in the world call jolly London home, including the London Business School, the London School of Economics and King’s College.

#4. Melbourne

Always near the top of the world’s most livable cities, Melbourne offers outstanding cultural diversity, low crime levels, strong healthcare service and beautiful weather. Most importantly for you, Melbourne is also among the leading financial centers in Australia — indeed, in all the Asia-Pacific region. You can relocate to Melbs to learn more about its thriving industries, which include tourism, sports, healthcare, entertainment and research, or you can enroll in business courses online from Australia to benefit from Aussie education wherever you are.

#5. Paris

Paris boasts five of world’s top 200 business schools, which should automatically place this city on your student radar, but France is also committed to keeping the costs of higher education low, which is attractive to students everywhere. Additionally, Paris accounts for more than 30 percent of France’s GDP and claims the headquarters of more than 30 Fortune Global 500 companies, providing plenty of enviable employment opportunity after you graduate.

#6. Seoul

The world’s fourth largest metropolitan economy (after New York, Tokyo, and Los Angeles), Seoul has grown rapidly in the latter half of the 20th century, and that growth will almost certainly continue in the new millennium. Called an “Asian Tiger” for its strong economy, Seoul offers some of the world’s top business programs, including Seoul National University and Korea University.

#7. Singapore

Like Hong Kong — but slightly more separate from China and other Southeast Asian powers — Singapore is a city-state, meaning its territory hardly extends beyond the boundaries of Singapore City. Still, Singapore claims one of the world’s top-five busiest ports and the fourth largest financial center in the world. This is largely due to its high levels of economic freedom and low taxes, which attract international trade. You would be lucky to learn business in Singapore.

#8. Sydney

The second Aussie city to make this list, Sydney claims the world’s largest natural harbor — which naturally makes it a top destination for international trade. Sydney’s GRP is larger than the GDP of many nations, including Singapore and Hong Kong, and the finance, manufacturing, and tourism industries are particularly booming. Though Sydney is among of the world’s most expensive cities, wages are also notoriously high, which is excellent for your entry-level pay when you graduate with a new business degree.

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