8 Necessary Hot Tub Cleaning Tips

Having a hot tub for your home can be a lot of fun but you need to make sure you do everything to keep your hot tub clean so it’s safe to use for you and your family. Following these eight simple tips will make sure that you have a hot tub that will be keeping everyone clean for years to come.

Tennis Balls 

Dropping a couple tennis balls into your home hot tub filter system will allow them to pick up a lot of the dirt and other grimy elements that tend to pile up in a hot tub. The yellow covers of the tennis balls are a perfect sponge for soaking up dirt and will help to keep everything ship shape in your hot tub.

Bleach your hot tub cover

The cover of your hot tub can get coated with all sorts of slime and dirt. Applying a bleach solution to it once every three months is the best way to make sure your hot tub cover doesn’t contribute to making your hot tub dirty.

Pay attention when re-filling your hot tub

Distractions happen in life, but a distraction while you’re re-filling your hot rub could lead to a flooded bathroom or bedroom. If coming back from winterizing your hot tub then make sure you’re on top of things when you’re refilling your hot tub and keep it from getting out of control.

Have back up filters handy.

You never know when your home hot tub filter will go on the fritz and leave you high and dry. Don’t get caught off guard by having your hot tub break on you. Be ready with spare filters that you can install at the first sign of trouble from your old filter. Making sure your filters handle all the hot tub chemicals properly will keep your hot tub running great. 

Make sure everyone’s clean before they jump in

A hot tub is a very small body of water and all sorts of contaminates can impact it if allowed to. You’ll want to make sure that everyone takes a shower before they get in the hot tub so no shampoo, soap, deodorant or other chemicals get into the water and upset it’s PH balance. 

Keep a cap handy

A baseball cap or a swimmer’s cap can be helpful in helping people keep their hair out of your water. Hair can be full of gel, soap and shampoo and having a way for people to keep their hair up and out of the water of your hot tub will go a long way towards maintaining your hot rub.

Prevent freezing at all costs

If you live in a colder climate it’s important to make sure that your hot tub is running at the proper temperature all year long to prevent the risk of freezing. Frozen water can do serious damage to your hot tub.

No pool chemicals 

You might think that your hot rub is just like a pool and you can use the same products. Pool cleaning chemicals are far too strong for a small body of water like a hot tub and can throw the PH balance of the water in your hot tub out of balance. Hot tub chemicals are sensitive and need to be regulated properly. 

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