8 Reasons To Develop An App For Your Business ASAP

According to a recent study, approximately 80 percent of adults will own a smartphone or a similar mobile device by the year 2020. As of March 2017, there are around 2.8 million apps on the Google Play Store while Apple has 2.2 million.

With so many apps on the market, it is becoming more of a necessity for businesses to develop their own apps. Here are a few reasons why you may need to consider building a business app.

Increase Visibility

After an app is downloaded, it creates a shortcut on the mobile device’s screen. People may not use your app every day but because of the shortcut, they will come across your brand every time they try to use their smartphone or tablet. Much like TV ads, this helps people remember your brand better.

Enhance Customer Experience

Mobile apps streamline the sales process and reduce servicing costs. They offer customers a convenient opportunity to perform tasks independently.

Besides the ability to create and access their own accounts, this includes the ability to purchase items. No need to call the company’s customer support line or wait in a long queue. Businesses no longer need to hire and train dedicated staff to handle calls.

Reduce Marketing Costs

For large brands and businesses, traditional marketing techniques may involve producing ads for television or print media. Apps allow even small businesses to advertise their products and services to their target market.

Designing push notifications is a cheaper way to advertise the brand and business as compared to traditional methods. Notifications may be sent to announce a new product, event, an upcoming sale or deal.

Developed Specifically For Mobile Users

Although the use of mobile devices has been steadily rising over the years, a large percentage of businesses have not taken advantage of this potential market. Many websites are still not optimized for use on mobile devices. With smartphones having small screens, consumers have difficulty browsing through websites designed for desktops.

On the other hand, apps are developed specifically for use on smaller screens. The design and functionality of apps make it easier for customers to learn more about a company or get in touch. For instance, a single click allows mobile users to make a call or send a message. Apps with geolocation features can provide users with information and directions on how to find a specific shop.

Remain Competitive

Depending on your business’s niche market, your competition may or may not have their own apps developed yet. If your competition already has their own apps, your business needs to have its own app developed ASAP so as not to get left behind. In this case, your app should then have unique features to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Being the first in your niche to have an app has its advantages as well. For one, your target market will think of your business as a pioneer and an innovator. Plus, an app broadens your brand’s reach. Some people simply prefer to do business using their smartphone or mobile device. With an app, you will be able to reach and do business with a market that you did not initially consider.

Apps Are Faster

Compared to websites, mobile apps are faster and easier to use. Some apps can even remain functional even without accessing the Internet. Being able to educate your customers and provide them with products and services faster will help your business win more customers.

Offer Greater Value To Your Customers

Apps can be used to encourage your customers to remain loyal to your brand and business. Some businesses offer deals and rewards that are only available through their app.

One idea is to offer additional discounts if a person downloads and uses your app to purchase products or services. Some businesses even allow customers to pay for their purchases using their apps. As a result, purchasing products or services via the app becomes quicker and more convenient.

Optimizes A Business Process

Apps do not have to offer every conceivable feature or service to be useful. Stick to one simple goal or objective. This is useful if you have never had a business app developed before.

Business apps do not have to be designed only for consumers; they can also be developed to speed up an internal process. For example, if you have a company that has several interconnecting departments and deals with sensitive information, you can develop a secure messaging app that allows your staff to send messages and documents to one another.

There are many other benefits to having an app developed for your business. Developing a business app can be a lot more difficult than it seems. why not contact an app development agency to help you out and your app ready?

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