8 Tools to Launch an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

Today, the online marketing landscape is no longer dominated by large brands with huge marketing budgets, thanks to the wide array of extremely useful digital marketing tools that can help even novices bolster their next campaign with ease.

Since digital marketing is an umbrella term covering everything from blasting out your next email campaign to content management, social media marketing, SEO planning and implementation and ROI analysis, what brands need is a multichannel digital marketing strategy to establish a powerful online presence facilitating awareness, traffic, lead generation and sales.

To help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of some of the best tools available to help you launch an effective digital marketing campaign. Let’s dive in!

1- HubSpot


From blogging, SEO and social media to landing pages, marketing automation, emails and analytics, HubSpot leave no stone unturned making it a leading choice for small businesses seeking to manage every element of their digital marketing campaigns from one place.

2- Marketo

A versatile B2B and B2C marketing automation tool, Marketo is equally popular with small as well as large brands seeking to level the playing field with their competitors.


From lead management to email marketing, campaign management, CRM integration, social marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing analytics, Marketo allows brands to deliver a more customised user experience at every customer touch point.

Marketo can help sales and marketing professionals to significantly reduce the time and effort they spend with third parties to execute their marketing programs, resulting in lower costs and higher return.

3- FlypChart

A comprehensive tool for planning and executing your digital marketing campaigns, FlypChart helps you prepare and schedule emails, social media messages, blog posts and other marketing content from one easy-to-use interface.


Its most popular features include an all-in-one marketing calendar, effective tool integration so you don’t have to switch between multiple applications and team collaboration to keep you on top of each campaign as it passes from one stage to the next.

FlypChart gives users more visibility across multiple campaigns without being overwhelmed by the number of tools to achieve the desired results.

4- HootSuite

Planning to run a social media marketing campaign on multiple channels? Hootsuite is the answer.


A smart way to manage your social media profiles for as many as 35 platforms, Hootsuite lets you save plenty of time and effort by automatically finding and scheduling effective social content from a single dashboard.

That’s not all. Spot popular trends with Hootsuite’s real-time analytics to get better insights on which content is performing better. This helps you develop more engaging posts and run more effective campaigns.

The popular tool also lets you track messages and social mentions of your brand, so you can manage business reputation and contribute to conversations in a timely fashion.

5- Net-Results

From lead generation to lead nurturing, email marketing, social media management, sales automation and a comprehensive CRM integration, Net-Results has got you covered on all fronts.


With Net-Results you get an A/B testing email dashboard to optimise email campaigns, data segmentation to send highly relevant messages and a lead scoring tool to find the best leads.

From start-ups to big players, Net-Results is a powerful and intuitive marketing automation tool offering all the functionality you need to launch your next digital marketing campaign from a single platform.

6- SalesFusion


Built by marketers for marketers, SalesFusion is designed to bring sales and marketing on the same page. Ideal for businesses with small budgets, the tool packs more or less every component you might need to launch your next great digital marketing campaign with an easy-to-use approach.

Allowing you to create, manage and automate digital marketing campaigns, streamline the lead generation process and analyse results, SalesFusion offers everything from Google Adword integration and social media marketing to SEO, email marketing, campaign management and CRM integration.

7- ClearVoice


Nothing can beat your ability to push out great content in a consistent manner that’s aligned with your business strategy. Content is THE most important element of any digital marketing campaign and needs to be discovered, developed, distributed and measured in an effective way to hit the bullseye. That’s what ClearVoice helps you achieve.

A 360-degree content management ecosystem, ClearVoice brings audience targeting, content categorization, scheduling, publishing, collaboration, campaign management and evaluation to your fingertips, giving marketers all the functionality they need to manage content across multiple marketing channels.

8-  Campaign Monitor


Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach a bigger audience and get the results you are seeking for your business.

Powered by drag and drop simplicity, Campaign Monitor allows you to create outstanding, email campaigns. You can select from hundreds of professionally designed templates and turn them into your very own branded campaign.

That’s not all. Campaign Monitor uses rich customer data to create highly personalised emails, so you send the right message, to the right person at the right time driving more customer engagement and hence better results for your business.


Ensuring that your digital marketing efforts lead your business to success mean having the right tools at your disposal at the right time. We hope that the list we have compiled will help you cover all aspects of your online marketing strategy be it social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing or content marketing.

Hop on board and sign up for some free trials if you are not sure which tool might best fit your business needs. Who knows you might end up finding something that can help you achieve the success you are looking for with your next big digital marketing idea.

Mel Devent
Mel Deventhttp://www.bloggersidekick.com/
Mel Devent is a passionate blogger who enjoys writing about all things digital marketing. She is currently working as a Marketing Associate at Blogger Sidekick, helping small businesses build authority brands with content marketing. In her spare time, she loves scuba diving, watching movies and catching up with friends.


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