8 Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Website

Sometimes, no matter what you do- consistent posts, excellent content done with your audience in mind- traffic to your website won’t just pick up. It is not that you are doing anything wrong, and it is not that blogging isn’t for you. You don’t have to give up yet, your situation is not totally helpless. There is a lot of proof around that blogging can work for anyone. The solution is in finding ways to drive traffic, genuine traffic, to your website. These tips could help you in improving traffic to your website;

#1. Make your work interesting and catchy

Try to make a connection with your audience. The use of metaphors and anecdotes work most of the time. Instead of leaving such tactics too late in the post, Hosting Kingdom suggests using them right at the beginning of your posts.

#2. Stay relevant to your audience

Once you figure out the type of audience you want to engage, write content that is tailored to their needs. No matter how interesting you think you work is, if your audience can’t relate to it then it will always be dull. Do your research on what’s trending in your audiences’ circle and tailor the content to them. Make sure you are knowledgeable about what you are writing about, and you have interest in your niche.

#3. Work on your headlines

You can find tools that analyze how effective your headlines are. The headline most of the times decides whether the reader opens the post or not. Consistently good headlines means consistent traffic to your site.

#4. Use visuals

Human beings are visual creatures. That’s why Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are highly popular. Your audience doesn’t have the time to read through word for word, and even if they do, they may easily become bored. Pictures, videos, memes, and infographics can help retain your readers’ attention. Just the right dose of infographics and you have the traffic you are looking for.

#5. Work on your site’s loading time

The amount of time your site takes to load plays an important role in search engines’ ranking. The higher you rank in search engines, the more traffic you are likely to get. Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site as they slow down your site. Find an all-in-one plugin to employ on your site. Do not also use large images.

#6. Enable sharing to social sites

It is simple math. Sharing to social sites increases your post or site’s visibility and therefore increased traffic. When sharing to sites such as Twitter and Instagram, find relevant and appropriate hashtags to go along with your post.

#7. Make a call to action to your visitors

At the end of your post, urge your reader to read another of your posts, subscribe to your site or leave a comment. Urge visitors to your site to do something.

#8. Start an active forum on your website

An active forum is a useful community for your audience to engage among themselves and with you. It also helps to attract new traffic as the conversations on the site lead to a tail of keywords that help with search engine ranking.

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