9 Habits for a Strong and Healthy Relationship

For most couples, maintaining a strong and healthy relationship proves difficult. It simply becomes a game of tolerating each other, rather than a source of a fulfilling coexistence, full of love and joy. However, all is not lost for such couples. All they need to do is to inculcate nine habits that will make their relationship strong and healthy.

Habit #1: Always keep lines of communications open

Remember the time you used to woo your fair maiden and talk to her incessantly and exchange notes. This act of communicating not only gave rise to a healthy romantic relationship but also promoted mutual trust and admiration. However, along the way, couples tend to forget the art of communication. If you are one of those or had never learned the art of communicating, it is time you inculcated this habit. This will make your relationship grow stronger and strengthen your loving bonds.

Habit #2: Make time for togetherness

You may spend time with the partner on the dining table, whining about your boss or your workload, or she about how naughty the kids had been in your absence. This together time is certainly not quality time since it doesn’t boost togetherness. You have to make time for togetherness, which lets you share feelings and emotions uninhibitedly with each other to maintain a deep connection. It is not only the time required for togetherness that matters, but also the location where you spend it. So, plan exclusive outings together that your daily grind is not allowing you to do.

Habit #3: Give space to each other

Too much togetherness and mollycoddling depict the other side of the coin. It may get too constricting and annoying for you as well as your partner. So, spending some time apart is important. It rejuvenates the relationship and gives you two a chance to enjoy your personal time. This is also the key to a long-lasting relationship. So, leave your partner alone and make her free of co-dependence and demand the same from her.

Habit #4: Mutual respect

The basis of a healthy relationship is mutual respect. You need to respect your partner’s individuality and expect the same from her. You may express respect in a variety of ways, such as trusting her, appreciating the things she does for you or the kids, and the like. Even when, at times, you are not in talking terms with your partner over some issue, you should remain respectful and not stoop to name calling or take recourse to sarcasm or wash your dirty linen in public or threaten her with desertion or divorce.

Habit #5: Mutual appreciation

The best way to always keep your partner happy is to shower dollops of appreciation on her. Everyone craves for appreciation since it gives a sense of self-worth and boosts self-esteem. Although the benefits of appreciation are well known, couples do falter in it. This is because you tend to take your partner for granted, thinking she knows you are appreciative of her. But, the tragedy is she cannot read your mind and your lack of appreciation for her befuddles her. So, always try and show how special she is to you. Little gestures like presenting flowers or gifts without any occasion, sharing her chores, taking her out for exclusive outings, complimenting her in front of others and the like, will go a long way in making your loving bonds grow stronger.

Habit #6: Avoid comparisons

One of the greatest turn-offs in a relationship is the habit of comparing your partner with others, with regard to looks, jobs, clothes, homes and so on. Such comparisons, of which nothing much can be done, undermines mutual trust and faith in each other. The truth of the matter is, others do seem better off than you since grass always seems green on the other side, but in reality, they may be worse off. So, don’t look at others to gauge how happy or sad you are. Remain happy by yourself under all situations.

 Habit #7: Always look for the positive

The stress and strain of modern life may make you irritable and this irritability may make you highlight the negative aspects of your partner that may manifest as unkind words. This act may escalate into a verbal duel and result in a showdown with serious consequences. Couples have gone in for litigation and mediation in divorce over the most trivial issues. So, whatever be your mood or circumstance, get into the habit of always looking at the positive qualities of your partner. If you feel your partner is not perfect, be certain that neither are you. So, instead of tolerating each other, make a conscious effort to be good to your partner, and expect reciprocation in equal measure.

Habit #8: Tiffs happen, learn to deal with them

If there are no arguments or fights in a relationship, there is something wrong with it. Tiffs are bound to happen in any relationship. This is the way a partner expresses her unhappiness over issues that are not to her liking. If your tendency is to shout her down the instant you sense dissent, then your relationship is certainly on the rocks. So, don’t be surprised if your partner hires divorce attorneys with experience and expertise to pursue divorce proceedings.Disagreements happen, it is up to you to choose your battles wisely. So, know where you need to take a stand to make the partner see sense. However, always resolve all contentious issues, before they become like festering wounds and trouble you both.

Habit #9: Love and Happiness

The foundation of a strong relationship is love. If your love life is good and you are able to keep your partner happy, you can count yourself among the happiest of couples. However, expressing love doesn’t always mean indulging in the physical act, it means showing affection for each other so that she feels loved and stays connected.


 Maintaining a strong and healthy relationship depends upon both the partners. After all a relationship is nothing but a happy compromise between two different human beings with mutual give and take.

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