9 Link Building Tactics to Boost Your Website

Describe Link Building

Link building is an SEO strategy which helps promote your website to other sites by securing a link on their page, unclear? Let’s have another one which came from a virtual personal assistant who wants to explain things the easy way. Imagine having a string being held by business person A and on the other end is business person B, the string connects two different business people who really don’t know each other. When business person B holds your string, it means you have secured a link on their page for your website, got it?

Link building is an essential technique for SEO specialists, it creates traffic from SERPs and is a factor for search engine rankings, and without links, don’t expect your website to be talked about online, and that really hurts if you have a business using the internet. Nobody would be talking about you or your website if you don’t have links, nobody would be able to like and share your posts, content, and even comments.

Now, let’s get into serious business. There are many plain-sailing and undemanding link building strategies by you, or anybody can use, and these are not just for those tenured SEO professionals (of which, they also actually use) but for everyone. Just make sure you know what you’re doing. However, we’ll make this easy for you by giving some of the effective methods of link building to create awesome traffic and “fabulistic” search engine rankings.


A press release serves as an official statement of your website that promotes or announces an amazing product or service of yours that would surely blow everyone’s mind. Submitting a press release or a news release to PR sites can get you a handful of backlinks to get you moving. For starters, there are numerous PR sites to submit your awesome news and tell the world that you have an existing service and product.

Inserting your link to a press release can go a long way, and this technique is absolutely been proven to give life to a website for many years and still is a method for link building campaigns until today.


Guest blogging is a strategy for link building that can increase traffic to a website. Posting an article or a blog article to another website enhances traffic for you. This is one of the easiest ways to increase website traffic of which when people from another part of the internet read your very informative blog, visitors will surely be swarming your website and potentially lead to customer signups and sales.


This is a technique that internet specialists have been using for many years. Sadly, there are people who perform social bookmarking and just dumping too many links on hundreds of sites, and then comes Google’s Penguin, the algorithm that has a bird’s eye view of everything you’ve been doing, and eventually will penalize you for your wrong move.

Nowadays, awesome social bookmarking sites are not just regular sites, they have become a community that reviews your credentials and before you could advertise, you need to have a place with them before anything else. This strategy might be a bit tedious, but everything that is done with perseverance would be rewarded with great value.


Don’t’ be fooled by the name of this strategy, just because it’s BROKEN you can’t use it anymore. This tactic works very well if you just know what to do. Well, good for you that you are now reading this. You need to find a dead website and try to find a way to send an email to the website owner and replacing dead links with a working link of yours. There are so many websites that are already not working and you can use a broken link checker from Ahrefs. From there you can start your broken link building which gives your site the edge for backlinks.


This method may be an unorthodox move but as the phrase goes, “you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do”. While browsing the internet, you suddenly see that your very own image from your site has been used by another website without your permission and images are subject to copyright most of the time. The good thing about this is you can use this to your advantage. You can either ask the site owner to take down the image or have that image linked to your website, it’s that simple.

We don’t want to have matters in our own hands, but in the internet world, you need to be aggressive enough to take what’s yours. If it goes the other way around, and won’t budge, you can always send a cease and desist order to them immediately.


Another easy link building strategy is to utilize PBNs. or private blog networks that are usually built with connected blogs and websites which is often owned by a single person. All you have to do is get in touch with the PBN owner in exchange for a particular deal and you will be able to have backlinks to your “money” site from the owner’s PBN sites. Remember, a private blog network owner at most times has numerous websites where you can take advantage of. This strategy will also help your site rank higher in SERPs.


The impact of social media and link building going hand in hand in our world of internet technology today needs no further explanation. But for tip’s sake, we might as well discuss a few details on how it can affect your website and link building efforts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more can be used for link building campaigns.

With all the social media sites scattered across the internet, you can easily choose any of them for your links. Once you have posted your content on social media, millions of users every day will have the chance to know who you are, and the chances of ranking higher in search engines are inevitable.

Always make sure that your content with a link is attractive, something that can be talked about, something very promising, and sometimes would raise eyebrows and curiously jump to your website ending up wanting to have your product or service.


Some may say that forum posts are not that valuable, but the truth is, if you target forums with large authority, it will make a huge impact on your website. The trick is to treat forums like just as how you go through social media. Make them think that you are a part of them and not just leaving links to advertise. Choose a forum niche that connects to your website, your product or service. This way you will be able to make use of your link building methods without worries.

Attract the attention of forum users by creating posts that are very relevant to their lives. That way, users eventually will like and share your post or comments to your advantage. Prove yourself valuable to the forum community, make them see your worth, and you’re worth in forums mirrors your website.


According to studies, there are 1.9 billion active YouTube users monthly, and there are more than 30 million active daily users of YouTube. If the statistics don’t tell you to immediately create videos for link building, you’re wasting precious time.

Your YouTube description box needs to be optimized for the platform to distinguish its rank on related video searches. Have your link at the very top of the video and make a description of at least 250 words. Include your focus keyword which is placed in your first sentence.

The Verdict!

If you think link building is easy, you are correct! It really is pretty straightforward, you just need to know the strategies and procedures to do it. There are many tutorials and articles that you can search on the internet which can help you in your campaigns. But if you are a business owner who has a website who has no time on performing these methods, you can always ask for help from Toronto SEO, link builders, and even virtual personal assistants that can work remotely for you.

Most of the professionals that do link building strategies can be found online which is absolutely more affordable than hiring a physical secretary at the office. You can reach goals and make your business grow more with link building methods mentioned above, all you need is hard work and perseverance and consistency.

Nothing is impossible on boosting your website with unlimited tactics that are always available and viable for all business and website owners wherever you may be on this planet.

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