A Guide for Men: How to Buy Jewellery for a Woman

It’s that time of the year, birthdays, anniversary’s, proposal – it’s time for you to choose a present for your significant other. The one present that never fails to impress a woman is jewellery, even if you get the style or size wrong the first time around.

Although not everyone will love the biggest diamonds or the highest shine on their jewellery, all women collectively will love and cherish the idea of you gifting her jewellery. It can be a difficult task at hand if you do decide to gift jewellery, so here is a guide with some tips that should hopefully make the buying process a whole lot easier.

Don’t Go for Fake

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying jewellery that isn’t crazy expensive. But never go for the imitation version of a genuine piece of jewellery. Your giftee will know for sure that the piece is fake, especially if they’ve been eyeing it for a while. It’s better to get a piece that is genuine but cheaper, than fake and cheap. Plus, fake jewellery can potentially be dangerous to some gals who have extremely sensitive skin!

Look at Her Jewellery for Ideas

If you’re unsure about what her style is or whether or not she’ll like the piece that you have chosen, it’ll never hurt to take a sneak peek at her current collection and see whether it will go with the other pieces. The type of jewellery she currently has will tell you a lot about what pieces she’ll love or hate.

Quality is Paramount

No matter what your budget is, always attempt to buy the best quality that you can afford within your price range. A good idea can be to shop from the jewellery sale section on websites especially as you can often find great deals on more expensive pieces. Don’t feel pressured to also buy the piece with the highest number of carats, lower ones will be just as lovely and appreciated.

Try to Go for Classic Styles over Trends

Trends come and go for a reason, with only a small number actually remaining stylish enough to become classics. Unless you know for sure that your partner is into the trend and will love it, a classic cut is the better choice. A cluster of diamonds on a necklace on a gold band or a bright ruby as a pendant is a classic option for a classy lady.

Add Sentimental Value

The sentiment is always appreciated when it comes to gift-giving, whether it be a nice piece to mark an important anniversary or occasion. A great idea is to get jewellery that has been engraved with a special message or a custom-made piece which is a replica of a family heirloom  or a precious jewellery item.

Don’t Do Extremes

This may be a given, but don’t go for jewellery pieces that are on the more extreme side of styles. Hello Kitty is definitely off the tables (unless she’s into that of course) or anything Disney-esque – anything that is overtly girly is most likely a no go. Stick to neutral pieces that are easily dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.

Watch Her Window Shop

For a simple solution, go window shopping with your partner and take note of pieces which catch her eye. She’ll not only love the piece but also be wowed by your attention to what she likes.

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