A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money Selling Products on Amazon

Becoming an Amazon affiliate or product promoter and seller is one of the best possible ways to generate continuous streams of income online. You can even combine the Amazon product affiliate business with other businesses to maximize your profit potentials. Here are necessary steps you must take to sell Amazon products online and make money continuously;

Step #1: Create an Amazon seller account

You need to create an Amazon seller account if you don’t have one already. Pay attention to the “Before you register section”. You can choose between the Individual or Professional seller accounts. The professional account is for those who want to sell more than 40 items a month on Amazon so you should choose the “Individual account as a beginner”. You can learn more here, to learn more about choosing a seller plan on Amazon.

Step #2: Choose items to promote and list them on Amazon

Choose items you want to sell on Amazon, with caution. Do not choose items that are extremely too cheap (1-4$ products), or items that are too expensive or items that can break easily. Make sure you choose an item you can sell constantly. To list your products on Amazon, simply log unto the Amazon affiliate site and click on “Inventory” and then click “Add a product”. You will be directed to search for products on Amazon or you can search a product by its name. once you choose a product, you will be prompted to a new screen where you need to enter the price, the condition of the item, and whether you want Amazon to ship the item for you or not.

Step #3: Create an Amazon FBA shipping plan

Just in case you add more than one item, the Amazon FBA site will prompt you to create a shipping plan. In order to create a shipping plan, you will need to enter your shipping address (this is usually your home address), and you need to choose your packaging type- there are basically two types of packaging products; the individual packaging and case-packed products. You should choose the Individual packaging option unless you are shipping several items of the same nature (for instance, choose a case-packed package option if you are shipping 24 movie DVDs). Once you have completed your shipping plan, you will be prompted to add the Amazon product. You can add all the items you want to sell, once you have created a shipping plan. Once you have created a shipping plan, you can add as many items as you can. If you want to sell Amazon product another day, simply click on “Add to an existing plan” instead of going through the same process once again.

Step #4: Ship your products to Amazon

Now that all items you want to sell, are in your shipping plan, you can now ship the items to Amazon from where they will be shipped to the buyer. Simply go to the Inventory, then click on “Manage FBA shipments”, before clicking on “Continue with shipping plan”. You should enter the total number units you are shipping to Amazon, and if the items will require special preparation, then choose “Item requires prep”, and also choose whether you want Amazon to label the product or not.

Selling your item on Amazon, Perhaps, the easiest job of selling your items on Amazon is this. Once your item has been shipped to Amazon, they will be made available for purchase immediately.

Step #5: Promote your affiliate marketing on your blog and social media.

Promoting your affiliate link through your website is one of the best possible ways of boosting sales. Do not overload your website with too many affiliate links, they may end up messing up readers’ experience. Make sure you keep the promotion of your Amazon affiliate link to less than 5% (probably 2-3 times in 1000 words).

Make sure you link directly to your Amazon products and do not make use of redirect cloaking. It is much better, to be honest by including your link, than trying to hide them. Many online visitors do not make use of redirect links, they simply ignore them. Another rule you need to follow is to avoid placing your Amazon affiliate links in the header, and introduction of your web contents. Experts even believe that such links must not be included in the first paragraph of the web content. You may want to start adding your affiliate link from the third paragraph. The reason for this is that you don’t want to appear too promotional to your readers, instead focus on providing information with great value.

Make sure you link to relevant products that you are promoting, only! Don’t just promote anything you found on Amazon because you want some commission. You need to ensure that you make use of excellent quality images to promote Amazon products on your site or social media. Make sure you write a comprehensive product review. Write as if you have used the product and your readers will have more faith in your reviews. If possible, you should consider creating video reviews and tutorials that will teach potential buyers how to buy the product or the benefits of the products. Make sure you include your social media links so that your content can be shared easily.


Making money through selling Amazon product is real, there are hundreds of Amazon affiliate marketers already making 6-figure income from it and some have even resigned from the regular 9 to 5 days job. Every input in energy, research and time that you put into your Amazon affiliate program will yield a positive result, therefore you shouldn’t give up when you don’t sell anything particularly in the first few days or weeks of becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer. Amazon affiliate success is a long-term approach, and not a get rich quick scheme, therefore, you should remain consistent with your promotional techniques until the results start to show. The more traffic you direct to your social media network and website, the more sales you will likely generate through Amazon affiliate.

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