Is AI All Set to Change You and the Way You Do Business?

Do you remember Interstellar – the epic science fiction film released in 2014? Do you have a clue that Artificial Intelligence (AI) played a pivotal role behind the success of this blockbuster? Let’s take a look at how AI is revolutionizing the way we do business.

How AI is disrupting the movie industry?

Jim Breyer, the CEO of Breyer Capital, recalls how AI was used to get the trailer of Intersteller right. The first trailer of Intersteller was released on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

Breyer explained how they applied statistics, machine learning, and a small team of data developers for analyzing how it was received on the different channels. That data was then used to make an informed decision on how the second and the final trailers should look.

So, you could see how AI is revolutionizing the movie industry and Breyer believes that this technology will not only bring down the budgets but also help make informed decisions on casting, and other aspects of making a film.

Is AI technology tools reshaping team structure and HR’s function?

The AI revolution is making many companies to reevaluate their established human resource strategies. Many organizations are emphasizing cultural fit and adaptability while hiring a person as opposed to only qualification for a specific task. This is because hiring authorities understand that as AI will be implemented, many roles will automatically evolve.

The HR’s function is witnessing a shift from its traditional role of recruitment and evaluation, as these tasks are supposed to be efficiently handled by big data and AI tools. Their current function would be rather focusing on enhancing employee experience and providing on-the-job training for people to adapt to their new roles with new technologies.

A survey report by Deloitte reveals that out of 10,000 HR and business leaders in 140 countries 33 percent of the respondents confirmed that they are leveraging some form of AI technology to effectively deliver HR functions.

Instead of maintaining the traditional top-down hierarchical structures, organizations are moving away to more collaborative and team-oriented structures.

AI – the next General Purpose Technology (GPT)

Software development experts predict that AI is not only the next big thing but is it going to be the next General Purpose Technology (GPT).

A GPT is a technology that makes a positive impact to the economic growth, transforms the life of consumers and also the way businesses do business.

GPTs are pervasive and we know that AI is spreading to most sectors. AI is also supposed to improve over time and the costs incurred on users would come down.

It is expected that AI would become mainstream in next few years and it will touch the lives of common people just like the internet and the electricity.

We know that internet disrupted communication in a better way; machine learning is already revolutionizing many sectors including analytics, diagnostics, consumer electronics, chemistry, and finance.

Therefore, it is predicted that like other GPTs did, AI will also revolutionize the life of a layman in a good way.

What is the future face of AI?

As Venture Capitalist Jim Breyer affirmed that AI is going to be bigger than social networks and internet, I think over the next few years AI would witness an investment of billions of dollars. As companies will discover how to use the available data efficiently, new jobs will start emerging.

Instead of getting replaced, human employees would rather need to adapt our skill sets to be able to leverage the new technology for doing our work efficiently. We will not be replaced because the robots are not empathetic and they are still not good at interdisciplinary problem solving and communication.

The HR would need to decide where to deploy machines, which tasks are best suited for human employees and which tasks can be efficiently done with the collaboration of both humans and machines.

Security experts believe that the face of cyber security will be changed by AI. It will improve the way existing technologies are used for ensuring better handling of data in order to guarantee your company’s security.

The best thing about AI is that has the potential to detect the threat well in advance so that it could be stopped before it makes an impact. Thus, it would make the job of security experts easier.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the best of AI is still to come and I believe that it will solve the hardest problems the world is facing today.


Even though AI is disrupting various sectors, still it will take time for its full implementation. There’s no doubt that it would bring its own share of challenges and it would require a collective willingness to accept and adapt to them.

Well, what’s you say on AI? How do you visualize the future with AI? Why not share your views with our readers by leaving your comments below.

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