All about the Comparium Cross-Broswer Testing Tool

Comparium is a cross-browser testing tool with which a person can test how his website performs on different browsers and on different operating systems, at the same time. With this, a website owner can check whether his website has any visual bugs or other glitches or not. Also, it can fix them easily before he releases the latest version or launches his website in the market. Comparium is a relatively newer tool that was released recently and the first version comes absolutely free of cost for the users. Furthermore, Comparium offers users web designs, testing browser combinations, operating systems, etc. The first version does not have a lot of features as of yet. However, Comparium promises the high quality and premium features in the future versions.


Selenium is a set of free tools that one can use for his website testing. Different tools have different functions and have different uses, making it an extremely popular tool. It is based on imitation of the actions of a user working on a browser. Not only useful for website testing, but Selenium could also be used for daily routine work which you perform on your website.

Advantages Of Comparium

Improves Your Website’s Accuracy

Comparium helps you to improve the efficiency of your website, which, in turn, increases the accuracy of your website as it helps you with an attractive design and layout. Comparium offers the users full accuracy and reliability with a detailed test of the website.

Can Access Anytime

You can test your website anytime you want. You do not need to have the right schedule to test your website. Comparium gives you a detailed screenshot of your test results with which you can remove the bugs and glitches, if any, on your website. All you need to do is simply enter the URL of that website which you wish to be tested. After that, Comparium will take over.

Run Multiple Tests

Another advantage of having Comparium in your arsenal is that you can run multiple tests on it at the same time, without any problem. Thus, you do not have to manually test how your website works on multiple platforms. Comparium does it all under one roof. With a variety of tests being run at the same time, you save time, money, as well as your efforts.

Get The Test Results Emailed

Another advantage of Comparium is that it gives you the test results on your email id. You, therefore, do not have to sit around, in front of your screen, waiting for the test results. The process will automatically complete and you will receive a notification once the test results are mailed to you. To get the results emailed, you simply have to enter the email address where you want your test results to be mailed and enter the URL of the website you are testing. With that, you will get the results emailed to you in no time at all.


  • Comparium is a compact and lightweight tool that monitors and analyzes web-pages on both Mobile devices as well as the desktop.
  • Comparium supports multiple operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. Furthermore, you can also run tests simultaneously on these platforms through Comparium.
  • It also supports multiple browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome
  • You get the final test results with which you can figure out which browser platforms are compatible with the particular web page.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of Comparium is that it supports only small URLs and does not respond when the URL is lengthy. To shorten the length of your URL, you need to use bitly before you use Comparium to test the website.
  • It does not support testing on Android Operating System as of yet.
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Muhammad Irfan
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