Applying for US VISA? Here Is What You Should Know

Traveling to the most beautiful continent the US, is no less than a dream for those who aspire to touch heights but, ever wondered what it takes to travel to the dream place? Money of course but is it possible to travel the US without a visa, no right. There could be several reasons for traveling to the US varying from your business work, your studies, or just too calm your traveling lust. However, with these several reasons there comes several barriers that hinder your way for getting a visa. We all know how important is to keep your US visa on a check, from making travel arrangements to boarding the airplane for travel everything only is possible with having a US Visa. So, here is a guide to help you find all the details on completing your visa application to getting the different types of visas that ever exist.

US Immigrant Visa Application Process

The US Visa application comes with two different types of visas, one of them is the immigrant visa. Both of the processes have different requirements. Get through the blog and, you will know all the necessary things needed to apply for the US Visa.

  1. File the petition
    In case you are looking to apply for a US immigrant visa on the occasion of a family reunion or employment, ask your family or employer to submit a petition on your behalf at USCIS. You cannot take any step unless your petition gets approved.
  2. Choose an agent
    Now, choosing a trustworthy agent is essential when you want someone to be your point of contact. Make sure you are selecting your agent formally and legally and then proceeding with the application of your immigration visa. File the form DS-261 to choose an agent and it will take minimum 3 weeks to get proceed.
  3. Pay the fees
    Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee and the Affidavit of Support Fee are two fees associated with US ESTA Visa Application. To pay a fee, you will need your NVC Case Number and Invoice ID Number. Both of them can either paid through credit card or cheque.
  4. Submit supporting documents
    Soon after submitting the application, you have to attach the documents along depending on the type of your immigrant visa. You may be asked for some additional documents, make sure all your documents are attached in English and accompanied by an official and notarized translation.
  5. Attend your interview
    As per your convenience, the NVC will set the date of the interview accompanied by one of your family members. The interview is set one month prior to the actual date so that the applicants can get time to prepare themselves.

US Non-Immigrant Visa Application

This type of visa follows an easy application procedure, however, there can be a difference depending on the type of your non-immigrant visa. Follow this simple procedure and, you will get your Non-Immigrant Visa ready.

  1. Fill in Form DS-160
    Form DS-160 is found on the US consulate’s website and, contains sections for different visa types. You will get the code and the confirmation page soon after completing the form which will be asked on the day of your interview.
  2. Schedule the visa interview
    Applicants between the age group 14-79 years are eligible to attend an interview. Before that, you have to schedule an appointment with the US consulate. The easiest way to schedule an interview date is to make an appointment as soon as you fill the Form DS-160.
  3. Compile the document file
    Compiling all your documents file for the US visa proves you as the right applicant in front of the US consulate and makes your visa application process a little smoother. The necessary documents that you shouldn’t forget on the day of your interview are:•  Your Form DS-160 confirmation page and code
    •  A valid passport
    •  Your interview appointment letter
    •  A photograph meeting the Photo Requirements
    •  Receipts of fees paid
  4. Attend your interview
    There is no option like skipping your date of the visa interview and if you do that your visa application process only gets harder. Make sure that you reach on time and mark a good impression on the US consulate.

Remember that every US visa application (Immigrant or Non-Immigrant) demands a different list of documents, so make sure you confirm it from the online website and then submit to the US consulate.

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