Approaches to Use Social Media for Seo and Vice Versa

In today’s era of web-based marketing, social media and SEO work simultaneously. In case you have SEO and you don’t possess a social media life, then it would be pointless and of no use. They both are the different sides of the same coin. SEO is the establishing strategy for online marketing while social media is the platform where the audience gathers, accumulate, share and connect.

The sole thing that differentiates both from each other is that SEO discovers audience when they are looking for something online; on the other hand, social networking shows up the post in front of the audience when they are pursuing their normal browsing socially. Despite the fact that they work differently, they complement each other and leads to overall enhancement.

You can get benefit from both the stages. There are various ways that you can use to utilize both the platforms for each other. Best SEO Toronto suggests ways to use social media for SEO and vice-versa is discussed below:

1- Use research of one stage for other

You can utilize the data about your audience from one stage for another one in order to make compelling content and suggestions to take action on another. SEO searches can be used to create content on social media or social media posts and comments can be used for creating site content. For instance, for an apparatus store, the inquiries and remarks on the online pages of the store can be utilized to create the blog post on how –to- use an audience on social media can connect to the site that will lead to enhancement of both SEO and media.

2- Share your content on different stages

Make your content shareable on all the possible platforms. If you are creating content for your web-based site or the social platform, make sure to share the content on the different platforms. For instance, if you are making a tutorial video of any genre, you can upload quick cuts of the whole video on a social media platform with a catchy caption. You can also give a link in the post so that the audience can look over the full video if want.

3- Create awareness of your brand

Creating awareness of your brand through social media could lead to attraction of direct audience on your site. But creating new customers or audience might prove to be really tough through it. For instance, if the audience sees your posts on social media say Facebook, the existing audience would click directly on the link but if we talk about new audience, they might search for you on Google rather on clicking the link. Therefore, try to create more awareness about your brand and try to get more direct clicks from social media for your site.

4- Compose captivating content

It is really important to create content that is captivating. You should be always choosing your topic of the content that can attract and gather more audience. For instance, if you are thinking to create a blog post through social media, always compose a precise and engaging content with an intention to attract the audience for further content as if your introduction of the post is captivating enough, the user will definitely click on a link to see your complete post.

5- Social media supports social media optimization

In the recent era, we all know how much social media is powerful. Web-based platforms provide references to the local business. There are various platforms that provide a stage regarding the business surveys, or indications of NAP consistency on Google. Some of the platforms are Google my business, facebook etc. moreover, social media strategies will only work if it gets optimized otherwise it is of no use. Facebook is an example where one can tag the businesses they recommend or allow a user to make more recommendations. With help of this, more people can find your profile and can connect to your website.


So, these are some of the ways in which you can utilize social media and SEO to benefit each other. Both SEO and web-based life complements each other. Therefore, by using research methods, creating compelling content and awareness you can enhance your website and can attract the great amount of traffic.

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