Are 1930s Doors Back in Fashion In 2019?

From the time of the Great Depression in the United Kingdom, the 1930s is not an era that is fondly remembered in British history; however, certain elements have always been carried forward from that era. From the vibrant Jazz bands that flourished in that period to the quaint but quintessential 1930s doors, there has been a resurgence of remnants of this era in modern times.

The classic look that the 1930s themed design gives radiates a sense of simplicity, with a smooth finish. The simplistic design adds a design element that goes along perfectly with any kind of construction design, whether it ranges from neo-modern to the Victorian design patterns. These doors are available and easily customizable, at stores such as the Online Door Store, which accommodate having them finished or polished as per requirements. Any door can be completed with a sleek shiny surface or a matte finish, along with any colour choice available.

The ever-versatile design that sports panels on the lower part of the frame along with a variation on the top provides the right mix for anyone going for a simplistic style and feel. These doors can be used as part of the indoor layout or as part of the external look of the residence. If going for a spacious design and one that inculcates the use of natural light, they provide the option of having glass panels inculcated in the design. The glass panels can be fogged for privacy or left clear for better passage of light between rooms. Depending upon what the design element and the feel of the room in question are, the 1930s theme door always has a solution.

These doors are not just limited to residential use as the divider variants of these doors can easily be used in office spaces as well as kitchen areas. These are usually available with large glass panels and a minimum structure supporting these panels. However, these doors are engineered and solid core, therefore not fragile. The glass is open for design element interpretation and can be used as fogged, partially fogged or with clear glass, depending upon the style of the design as well as the requirement of the room.

The classic 1930s door design features one large panel at the top with three vertical panels at the bottom side of the door. These doors are a perfect fit for whether you have a house from that hails from that era, or you’re looking to add it to a newer construction, where adding such an element adds nostalgia to the space, the versatility of the 1930s doors are a feature that is matched by few door designs in the industry.

The availability of the doors in various designs as well as sizes ensures that there is always the right size and fit available for any requirement that may arise. Talking to your designer and exploring options will always yield beneficial results and provide the best possible fit for the situation, whatever it may be.

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