Are you taking regular screenshots of websites? Here’s why you should

The Internet has become indispensable in today’s business environment. As a business owner, you have to go through the internet websites on a regular basis for one reason or the other.

You might need to reflect on mails or attend web conferences. But the most desirous reason to surf the internet by business owners is to go through the competitor’s website, since, practically everyone owns a website these days, containing all the information about the organization.

Websites are a necessity, not a luxury!

Websites have become an important form of online presence for any organization. It provides an opportunity to connect with customers and suppliers more effectively and transparently.

These websites also follow certain rules which need them to list a few important details about the working of the organization. And this information can come in handy to the competitors to plan strategically to gain an edge.

And since the competition is not less, there are several websites to be tracked. As a business owner, you cannot have it all stored in your memory. Also, these websites get frequent updates, so in order to keep a track, taking screenshots of websites as and when you visit can be a way out. It also gives you ample time to analyze all the website screenshots together to develop strategic insights.

However, keeping track of competitors is one reason, there could be multiple reasons for you to keep taking automated website screenshots via tools like https://www.stillio.com/. We shall look at some of them

  1. A track of trends

Business websites have behaviour to flow with the trends. They are also required to be following the latest trends in order to be accepted by people. This can result in your competitors displaying such information on their website that could inform you about what is in the trend.

It can be a technological advancement you were not aware of or a new product range that is proving advantageous for your competitor.

Thus, keeping a track of competitor’s website by the help of screenshots can help you achieve new ways to exceed your competitor.

  1. Boosts SEO efforts

When we talk about a website, it all comes down to a successful SEO strategy because that is how you get noticed. Normally, a user simply searches for a product or service on a search engine and the websites that pop up at the top are given preferences by the users.

Your competitor might be having this advantage causing you to be ignored. The websites of your competitor which continuously top the results can help you in understanding the reason for the same.

You can observe specific keywords and tags that are the reasons behind the high search engine rankings and implement the same in your business as well.

  1. Authenticates Content

Website sponsorships have become a great way of reaching new people. Here instead of being a business owner, you can be a website sponsor or an advertiser. Since you have paid a website for displaying overlay ads, it becomes an obligation for the website owner to carry it out.

But you cannot rely on the website owner fully. You have to keep a check on the content that is displayed, the duration for which it is displayed, the number of ads that website contained and the existence of other ads on the same website.

If you find anything going against the terms, you can simply produce screenshots of anomalies as your defence and make the website owner compensate for the same.

  1. Evidence of compliance

Regular website screenshots can serve as an important record of a website’s compliance with required rules and regulations. As a website contains information that portrays facts about an organization, they are supposed to be true and fair in every respect.

A website ultimately displays an organization’s values and beliefs. Hence, if anything is against the rules, it could be sued upon by the help of relevant screenshots.

  1. Brand Management tool

Through your website, you can showcase the best your brand has to offer. This would allow people to understand your brand much better and also follow its growth through your website.

Through website analytics and screenshots, you can also keep a track of its growth and reach among people. Hence, the screenshots taken can be rightfully claimed as an efficient brand management tool.

These were a few of the endless benefits that basic screenshots of a website have to offer. It can be really tough to manually take screen-prints of so many websites at regular intervals. Well, it wouldn’t be as tough if you have Stillio by your side!

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwahttp://www.theroom.com.au
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