Avoid These 6 Vaping Faux Pas

We know the power of vaping now, with reports suggesting that half of vapers have now quit smoking. The vaping community, like many other communities of enthusiasts, has a set of customs and rules, which may seem slightly strange to the uninitiated. However, if you want to fit in and get the most out of your expensive vaping gear: it is a good idea to listen to the experts. So we banged some of these experts heads together (not literally), to come up with 6 faux pas that you have to avoid within the vaping world.

1- Don’t be a Pretentious or Elitist Vaper

They exist in the world of wine (‘Why I Hate Wine Snobs’ is a hilarious read), the world of food, and even the world of vaping. Those ‘know-it-alls’, who are perfectly happy to pour scorn on other people’s choices: deriding their choice of liquid or supposedly lacklustre gear. Is this really appropriate or necessary? The great thing about us humans is that we are all different: with different personalities, preferences and tastes. People should vape in whatever way they feel comfortable, with whatever equipment and liquid they enjoy; and we should all just celebrate that.

2- Don’t Run Out of Charge

It is almost impossible to keep up with, all the various devices that you need to charge, in our busy modern lives: from phones to laptops and many, much more it always seems like we are plugging something in. One thing, that you definitely do not want to run out of juice, is your precious e-cigarette. So first and foremost, choose a website where you can find a device that has a prolonged battery life. There are plenty of sites that will talk you through the best setup, although I’d recommend you begin with an ecig starter kit from here. Secondly, make sure that you remember to charge it or you will be headed for a frustrating and stressful vape free day. True ‘pros’ usually carry an extra battery for these kinds of nightmare scenarios.

3- Don’t be a Dirty Vaper

Your e-cigarette has to be clean if you are going to truly enjoy your well-earned vape. The coils inside your gear will regularly get gunky and dirty and should be cleaned twice a month at least. If you forget then you are in for an unpleasant vape, where you will not get as much of the vapour as you should and won’t be able fully to enjoy your favourite flavour of e-liquid. Most experienced vapours recommend that you clean out your gear, whenever you change the liquid, to ensure that you don’t miss any of the titillating flavours that await you. There are plenty of guides online on cleaning your e-cig and coils, like this one.

4- Don’t be a Conservative Vaper

There are millions of different e-liquids out there just waiting to be tried. So try them and be experimental: yes every vaper will have a few favourite flavours, but the next member of that elite group, may be just around the corner. Don’t whatever you do, fall into the trap of only smoking one flavour of the liquid. It is like drinking the same bottle of wine over and over again; yes it may be nice but you are denying yourself the opportunity to experience all the wonderful variety that is out there.

5- Don’t Take a Dry Hit

Dry hits are, without doubt, the worst thing that you can experience as a vaper! It is almost impossible to describe just how bad they taste, but imagine something like someone firing a flamethrower down the back of your throat. Thankfully, they are easily avoidable: just make sure that the cotton in your electronic cigarette is properly covered in liquid. Seriously, don’t take any risks, when in doubt refill your tank straight away: you’ll regret it if you don’t.

6- Don’t be an Inconsiderate Vaper

Plenty of smokers are jerks and are quite happy to blow their vapour all over everyone. We vapers are different and you should never force people to inhale your vapour if they don’t want to: make sure that you only vape in places, where it is allowed and never around children. Trust me; it will make your vape happier and more enjoyable because no-one wants someone nagging them while they are trying to enjoy a relaxing vape anyway.

As long as you avoid doing these 6 things, you are ready to stride out, into the vaping community with your head held high. So get out there and experience all the wonderful things that vaping has to offer.

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