Azure Media Video Streaming for Business

Use Video Content to Engage Better with your Customers

Multimedia is an essential tool for getting your message across in the online world. Microsoft Azure is one of the best platforms for doing so.

Any marketer will wax lyrical about the importance of video content and the role it plays in creating an engaging and attention-grabbing advertising campaign. The logic is hard to argue with. We all know that people are more likely to “watch the movie” than “read the book” and the same applies to online content. Publish a page of written content and a short video, and it does not take a marketing genius to work out which will get the most attention.

Today, it is quicker, cheaper and easier to achieve professional video content than it has ever been, and Azure Media services development lies at the heart of that change. It allows companies to deliver compelling, engaging content to their consumers and to foster a stronger brand connection than traditional web copy could ever hope to achieve.

Mobile streaming

Creating video content is one thing, but the latest apps can also help you deliver it effectively. App developers are constantly introducing innovative solutions that allow you to stream your videos to web portals, mobile devices and social media feeds at a single click. Getting your voice heard and your face seen has never been easier.

The power of social media

Social media is a particularly powerful vehicle by which to deliver and share video content with users. Just as a video is more likely to be watched, it also stands a far greater likelihood of being shared and retweeted by viewers.


 Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that live streaming is something that is only useful for journalists and the like, but it can be a powerful tool for any business, whatever the sector. Here are some points to bear in mind to get the best use of live streaming:

  • Teaser: If you want people to watch, they need to know when the live stream is happening and what it is about. Give plenty of prior notice and share, share, share.
  • Script: Spontaneity is fine to a certain extent, but you should at least have some bullet points and a rough framework to keep the livestream on track. Meandering nonsense will not engage, entertain or show your business in a good light.
  • Keep it fresh: The livestream should not just be one long advertisement. Viewers will feel more engaged if they don’t feel like you are directly pitching at them. For example, you could offer tutorials and how-to videos that relate to your industry.
  • Stay on-brand: The live stream represents your company’s brand, so stay on-message and consistent.
  • Offer incentives: Draw viewers in with special offers and deals that are available only via the livestream.
  • Think outside the box: Specials and charity events livestream that took place last month are a great way of building brand awareness, delivering useful information and raising money for a worthy cause. What’s not to like?

The video is the most powerful form of digital content – nobody ever talks about a blog post “going viral” these days. Make video streaming a part of your marketing strategy today.

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