Be Ready For the Next Carriage Dispute – Don’t Be Left In The Dark

Few months back, the cable TV consumers were left in the dark. This was due to a blackout of their favourite television stations. Such constant episodes of blackout are referred to as “Carriage Dispute”. Cases of carriage disputes have been occurring quite frequently.

What is carriage dispute?

The cases of carriage dispute are basically a disagreement over the right to carry or retransmit the signal of the broadcasters. Earlier the carriage disputes occurred in between the cable companies and the broadcasters but gradually it has also included the distributors or multichannel video programming and the direct broadcasting satellite.

Carriage disputes are normally caused by the failure on the part of the corporate giants to settle on an agreement. This agreement should basically be including how much the cable providers would be willing to pay for carrying out the broadcast networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS and many other systems. In one of the latest case of carriage dispute, the TV viewers were deprived of broadcast television in 24 different markets for about a week. The viewers could not watch even their favourite NFL Playoffs due to this disagreement.

One of the main issue is that these disagreements are regarding the channel prices which the customers are currently receiving for Free with the help of Highline TV antennas. Hence it becomes hard to understand why the customer is being punished over a particular service which they can easily receive without the need for a cable. Even in this ongoing war, some customers just let things happen as they are occurring whereas others started cutting the cord and spreading the word on benefits of a TV antenna.

The TV antennas are no longer a thing of the past. They are back with a bang to provide entertainment options to the users. With Highline TV antennas you surely would not be left in the dark. You would get access to a lot of channels based on your location. But there are certain consumers, who still doubt the TV antennas. Hence we at Highline TV are here to provide more inputs and clear out the doubts regarding TV antennas:

Are these antennas the same as rabbit ears one which is attached to the TV unit?

The TV antenna era started with the rabbit ear design wherein people would only get access to 2 to 3 channels. But gradually the rabbit ear antennas started fading away to make way for compact and appealing antennas which were loaded with amazing features. The concept of antennas was taken a notch ahead. Highline TV antennas provides its viewers with antennas which are suitable for long range which means more number of channels. They have a detailing concept and research carried out behind each of the product. Quality materials are used for the building of antenna so as to provide only the best to its customers. The Highline TV antennas are gradually outperforming the competitors in the market.

How to install the antenna?

Antenna setup is quite simple and easy. Based on type of antenna that you select, the setup would vary. Indoor antennas should be placed at an appropriate location in the house whereas outdoor antennas can be placed on the roof or attic. Highline TV provide good quality indoor antennas which are compact and can be easily placed in any location indoors. It is just a one-time investment wherein you can catch more than dozens of channels for lifetime. With Highline TV antennas there are no monthly rentals or fees to be paid. To receive maximum number of channels, you need to try out multiple places before the final location is identified. At each placement try to carry out a scan and check if all the desired channels are appearing.

What channels would I receive?

When people were introduced to the idea of TV antennas, it made them wonder as to what channels would they receive. They were apprehensive and had doubts if they would receive all of their favourite channels via a TV antenna. A TV antenna basically allows the viewers to receive all of the over-the-air channels absolutely free of cost. So, you can receive channels from the major broadcast networks such as, CW, Fox, ABC, CBS, and many more. However, it all depends on your location as to which channels would you receive. Apart from the above channels that are mentioned, you may also receive regional channels as well. Some people may receive dozens of channels whereas some of them may receive more than 50 channels.

The cases of carriage disputes may not seem to stop unless the disagreements are over. But as a consumer, you can get yourself ready by switching to TV antennas. So the next time there is a blackout, you are not affected with the help of a TV antenna. Our range of indoor antennas would ensure that you do not miss out on any of your favourite programs and also watch all live updates of your favourite sports. Do not get yourself fooled by the cable television, switch today and cut the cord.

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