Beginner WordPress SEO Guide: How to Setup and Optimize Your Blog

The internet is flooded with blogs in many realms. Honestly, blogs are just another medium to portray your thoughts and experiences. It started with this notion only but lately, it has been commercialized to earn money and gain prominence on the web. So Google is a strong market now, actually, we can say that. Therefore, if you are thinking to create a blog then you must know the cheat sheet/checklist of creating, developing and optimizing it, in a manner that you can earn money out of it. Talking in literal terms blogs are an important part of communication these days for brands and companies. It is the most informative way to address your words for vivid industries. Another reason that we feel that blogs are trending is because they are enormously a winning way to attract and engage your potential audience on the web. Also, you can use this tactic on your website for guest blogging and can earn on links.

So what are the ways are there to create or set-up a blog, if it is that important?

Ohh yes, It is important! Today there are numerous ways to create a good blog with optimized keywords and content. Many platforms are available that offer free templates for your blog site and many other added features to make it user-friendly. The easiest way for the beginners is WordPress blog and many other. But usually, WordPress is considered to be quite user-friendly. Blog websites offer blogger handsome options for blogging with value added posting and editing features. With WordPress, a beginner will always learn something new. From SEO point of view as well WordPress gives ample features where a blogger can optimize its content in an appropriate way which ultimately yields amazing results.

Let’s go step by step – How to create a blog? It is easy and convenient. In just a few simple steps you can setup your blog and even better now you can optimize it with good SEO tools.

  • A well-thought niche is very important
  • A good competition study
  • Understand your target audience
  • Do a good keyword research
  • Choose an appealing template
  • Choose a color combination which best fit your theme
  • Develop a content plan and be wise in putting content
  • Strategize everything you put on your blog
  • Monetize your blog via going social
  • Use secure connections like – SSL certificate
  • Brand and advertise your blog with relevant keywords
  • Use good server else go for cloud server

Let’s jump to optimizing your blog, especially for the beginners:

Ideally, all the above steps are interlinked and contribute immensely in setting up the good blog that will certainly be loved by the audience. So what’s the plan? The next plan is to optimize the blog; some call it a business blog as well. It can relate to any industry pertaining to the relevance of the content published. Without wasting time let’s dive into the SEO tips and tricks for beginners who wish to fly high with their blog.

Kicking off with organic search and optimization is what needed for the perfect blog:

People always look for information online and blogs are the medium to do so. But this is executed with optimizing it organically. First, develop and create the content you want your target audience to read and comment on. Second, very important communicate your content to search engines (Google) so they can share it and you can get good response.

Don’t mess it up, by executing improper keyword research:

When doing SEO for your blog make sure accurate keyword research is executed. Your blog posts should cover topics that entice your target audience and they should get what they are looking for. Also, the set of keywords you determine for your blogs will help in search engine optimization for your content. Here, for beginners WordPress is apt! Use Semrush, Google Adwords and Keyword Research Tool for a better experience.

Do on-site SEO (for beginners):

  1. Jamming keywords are not allowed, hence use relevant keywords in the meta title and meta description. Just don’t overfeed it.
  2. The h1, h2 and h3 headings are important to optimize. But do not waste time and energy in putting everything in these subtitles. It is not necessary to give all the keywords at a go.
  3. Stuffing of keywords, content and unnecessary stuff is not at all allowed. Google can even penalize you for this. Your blog should like human, not a robot you see.
  4. Coming to content – duplicate, shady and replicated content is strictly not allowed. It will hamper your blog’s image.
  5. A strong call to action is a must. Again choose here not to use a lot of keywords, rather it should be direct hitting the chords between your blog and your audience.
  6. Work on security, as it shouldn’t be compromised. There are many service providers that offer great deals on SSL certificate. Choose wisely and take it on…
  7. If you are building a WordPress blog website then you can choose exciting WordPress hosting offers from different service providers. WordPress hosting is fast and easy to install. Thus, it is preferred.

Why neglect Off-site SEO (for beginners):

Quickly run an eye on the off-site SEO for the WordPress blog site:

  1. Stop working on low-quality social bookmarking websites and spun content websites.
  2. Do not use free directories; always prefer well ranked and subscribed directories to put your blog.
  3. Be cautious about Google’s update and penalization of the blog that may occur because of many reasons (few stated above).
  4. Content marketing should be meticulous, it should create a buzz among your readers and compel them to comment or take part in the discussion.

Using WordPress gives you an awesome experience as it is free and offer premium plugins that help optimize your blog, web pages, and the posts. These features and plug-ins help the content to get searched by the search engines. This gets directly goes to the organic search algorithms and benefits your blog. For a piece of advice, don’t forget to be wise and smart when creating your blog on WordPress.

Apparently, to create a good blog one need a dedicated server and should choose the right web hosting provider, which is a mammoth task. See, it’s simple without a host any website, be it a blog, can’t work. Hence, one can choose a dedicated server or a VPS hosting for their blog to be created. The difference is minor; a dedicated server is purely for personal use whereas in VPS hosting the server and the resources will be divided between diverse hosting accounts and websites. So, here, it is advisable to start with a VPS server for your WordPress website/blog as dedicated servers are still pricey and can be difficult for a newbie to afford.

Although, due to increased competition, there are many Top web hosting providers that offer great web hosting services and are highly recommended to host websites that include blogs, forums and articles. There are some who use WordPress hosting for their WordPress backend CMS – content management system. This helps in automatic backup as well. Then catch the discounts and the web hosting coupons which these web hosting providers offer. At times, you may get a big band discount offers for your WordPress website hosting and other services.
What’s more one can ask for to create a blog at affordable prices and optimizing it in just a few simple steps.

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