Benefits of Using Radar Detector

The legality of the Radar Detectors

It is imperative that you first consider the legality of installing the radar detector in your car before you consider buying one. There is an anomaly in the United States where some jurisdictions may have no issues with the radar detector whilst some states could term it illegal.

Elsewhere around the world, the best radar detector could be “below the knowledge radar” of the law enforcement authorities due to their ignorance of this device which is used to outfox them. Hence it is imperative that you know where you are driving and act accordingly, if not which, you could be left to rue later, with not only a spot fine but even charged in a court of law.

There is also another important aspect of this endeavor, where a driver would like to be forewarned, in which case it could be considered as “only an innocent act”. The trouble would arise when you use a dual purpose device which would not only forewarn the driver but would attempt to jam the radar of the law enforcement authorities.

This could be termed illegal in many jurisdictions because of the simple fact that you are proactively interfering with the law, who are out there to enforce it. Hence the unsolicited advice is to be forewarned of the law, before you attempt to forewarn yourself of police traffic speeding radar in the vicinity, of where you would be driving.

Outfoxing the law

It is only criminals who try to outfox the law and invariably they are netted at some point during their escapades and are brought before courts to serve the time for their crimes.

It would be a bit of a cat and mouse game, rushing a little adrenaline too, when ordinary law abiding citizens like us would aspire to outfox the law and that too, right under their noses. Installing the best radar detector in your car would give you that satisfaction because though we are law-abiding citizens, we have in the past crossed swords with the law on trivial matters.

This notion at the back of our minds should be the impetus for us, the law-abiding citizens to “pull out a joker from the pack” and not be hauled up by a traffic cop, whilst we are driving. We could just smile and be on our way knowing that the traffic cop beside the road would be surprised as to how he could not detect our actual speed on his device.

We could carry the smile for a few miles further with the knowledge that we have outfoxed a cop and there was nothing that he could have done about it and had to ignore us.

 Saving on Speeding Tickets

Installing the radar detector in your car should be primarily to only warn you with any radar activity in the vicinity whilst you are driving, and not in any way to break the law. There are many times that we have realized, but too late, we have been speeding, only when we are flagged down by a cop on the roadside or ordered to pull aside by a patrol car.

This is what we could avoid by installing the radar detector in our car which would let us slow down and ensure we are within the legal speed limits. If we are a habitually speeding driver then we would need to ensure that we control our urge to press on the gas pedal and set the cruise control at the accepted speed limits and drive.

If we are forewarned we could be saving many hundreds of dollars annually as we all tend to dole out quite a lot on speeding tickets especially after being caught for no rhyme or reason. Most of the times we really get a ticket and pay speeding tickets are when there is no necessity to drive at speeds that we would be detected at.

Installing the RD would not only save money on speeding tickets but avoid us all that hassle of being “copped for speeding” as we would grudgingly call the experience.

 Save on Insurance Premiums

It is not only speeding tickets that you would have to contend with, when your indiscretions with the law end up in your insurance file it is going to boomerang again. Your insurance premiums could be enhanced due to the notion that the company would have to consider the fact, that you are a driver at risk.

Speeding drivers are prone to accidents and you would be considered one and asked to pocket out more when you go around, to pay your insurance premiums. So speeding really becomes a double jeopardy where you would not be able to escape as the records say so, which cannot be denied by you.

 Points off on Driving License

You could be hit with another issue too, and that would be when points are taken off your driving license if you have been constantly detected for speeding. It would become a three-pronged trident that would strike you even if you are unwittingly breaking the law on speeding.

 Speeding causes accidents

We would also need to take into consideration the reason for the law to be enforced on speeding, which is after all for our safety and that of other road users. Ensuring we drive within acceptable speed limits is our responsibility and just because we have the best radar detector it should not be a license for us to kill ourselves and others on the road.

Summary of benefits

We must endeavor to drive within the speed limits but we could get carried away and increase speeds for no valid reason, and in such situations being forewarned would be an advantage.

Apart from that, there are the following benefits we could derive by installing the radar detector.

  • Savings on speeding tickets
  • Savings on insurance premiums
  • No points deducted from driving license
  • The hassle of being hauled up by the roadside
  • Unnecessary brushes with the law
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