Best Gadgets To Buy When Moving To A New House

Moving into a new house is very stressful, especially the first few days living there, boxes of clutter everywhere, flat pack furniture to be built and utilities to be installed. So why not reduce the stress by using gadgets and the latest technology on the market to ease the pressure of starting your new life in your new home this year?

Portable Air Conditioner

When moving into your new home, it might take some time getting used to the heating and how hot or cold each room is. So why not pick up a portable Air Conditioner and have the problem solved before you even move in. They are also key for the hot summer ahead of us. It may sound silly buying one in January. However, with the January sales on you could get a high tech one for cheap. If you’re not sure what the best portable air conditioners are at the moment, check out this Air Conditioner buying guide from Gear Hungry.

Home Safe

Looking after your valuables when moving is absolutely essential. So why not put your prize possessions in a high tech home safe. You can now get safes that don’t need a key or a pin, just your finger. Some safes can have up to 32 fingerprints so you can load all your fingers and toes onto it, so you never need to remember which digit you used to open it. Home safes are perfect for keeping your priceless Rolex collection safe when you’re not wearing them.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is one of the biggest tech hits of 2016 & 2017 as Amazon expanded the range bringing the public more affordable versions of the innovative product and more expensive versions with screens and more features. You can ask Alexa anything and it will answer or do it. If you want to know the weather forecast for your area just say “Alexa, what’s the weather for today” and it will access the internet via your Wi-Fi and will tell you the weather in your area.

Coffee Grinder

The first thing everyone wants in the morning when they wake up is a nice hot mug of coffee. Why not start your day of right with fresh coffee grinded in your own home. Order in your favourite beans and get out your favourite flask, this will also save you buying an overpriced coffee every morning on the way to work.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Moving into a new house means one thing. Mess. Invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner and save all the clearing up around your new place. The cleaners will vacuum the whole of the room, without bumping into walls and furniture as they are now built with sensors so you won’t find anything laying on the floor after being knocked off the coffee table. If you want to grab yourself one of these why not check out the fantastic selection of reviews over at Gear Hungry & find yourself a great little helper around the home!

Ergonomic Desk Chair

A desk chair may sound boring to most people, however, if you work from home or always playing Xbox this will become an essential to your new home. The chair will ensure your back is always in the healthy position for the long periods of time that you’re working or gaming. This is a great long-term investment as it will keep your back healthy for the future.

So, in conclusion, we know that moving house is fun and exciting, but can also be a stressful & arduous process, so why not treat yourself to some of these gadgets to help ease the stress? Who knows, investing in some of these gadgets may make the rest of your life after the move more stress-free than ever before!

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