Best Holiday Sales Tips To Strengthen Ecommerce SEO

For this year, the shopping peak is coming close. Yes! We are talking about the Christmas holidays people are eagerly waiting for.

Apart from celebrations and joyful environment, this festive season provides unlimited opportunities to eCommerce store owners and prove to be beneficial for them for last few years. This is the time when buyers run towards the online shopping sites to buy gifts and stuff for their loved ones. As a result, e-commerce sites earn uncountable new shoppers in their account.

Do you know:

  • Overall eCommerce sales grew approx 20% from last year which is a good ratio to be compared.
  • And during holidays, it is calculated with an increase of around 13% of total sales.
  • E-commerce sales during holidays have crossed 80 billion USD which is higher than previous year ratios.
  • Last year, buyers spent around $1.9 billion on Thanksgiving Day and it continued by spending another $3.3 billion on Black Friday sale hours.

The stats prove that preparing yourself for the holidays never get you in the loss. Even, this is the busiest time when online stores are browsed more by people. In short, if you are an online store owner, you can’t ignore making strategies for your store.

See how the given strategies can help you to earn big profits for your business during the holiday season

  • Adorn the site with festive theme

To bring the festival in the limelight, it is necessary that you give your website a personal and beautiful touch. The landing page of any eCommerce portal tells everything about it which means that you should design a unique theme and run it before a few days to make visitors aware of the upcoming sale.

  • Build the main festival page

Creating and beautifying the landing page with well-themed graphics and sale descriptions is also a powerful act you can implement to attract customers towards your website. Here, you can also link your special festival products or categories so that visitors first visit the festival page and then explore the other categories as per their preferences.

  • Facilitate buyers with free delivery options

It is the best and most competent strategy which drastically works in getting more customers and conversions for business. Buyers are waiting for the moment when they get the products delivered free of cost. This is the moment they don’t skip and make unlimited products purchase.

  • Create a promotional hook for the festival

Engaging customers with captivating deals & offers is also a better way to increase e-commerce conversions during the festive season. To implement this strategy, you need to throw new offers and exciting deals that proclaim to save buyers money up to a great extent. This can be done by placing eye-catching images and graphics that completely describe deals of the running sale.

  • Make it fun for users when they browse the site

It feels so exciting when you browse any online shopping site and find beautiful banners and images related to the upcoming or running festival. This quickly engages buyers and compels them to buy products immediately from that site. Being an online store owner, it is mandatory for you to beautify your site and grab more customers to earn maximum profits during holidays.

  • Aggressively acquire more shoppers

In the list of top ecommerce SEO tips, this is the best trick. It emphasizes on gradually earning customers before the season starts. You can also grab them by giving exciting discounts. This strategy of grabbing quality customers can help you retain shoppers at the time of festive season. So, don’t waste your time and try to seize quality prospects on a regular basis by offering impressive gifts for them.

  • Make it great for the last minute buyers

If you are prepared to deliver the orders for the last minute shoppers, it would be a great advantage for you. Even if the sale is about to end, accept orders from clients and deliver them on-time. It creates an exceptional impression on buyers which ultimately results in gaining an optimum number of quality prospects. One can implement this strategy by continuously selling the products with same discounts when the other e-commerce stores end up doing it. This is the best way to earn more profits and customers during the holiday sale.

  • Handy return & exchange policy

Not only in normal days but also in big billion days, online store should be liable for providing easy return & exchange ways. If someone wants to exchange or return the product, it should be as easy as it seems at the time of buying. This makes shoppers familiar with portal norms which further make them feel confident for buying & returning anything at any time.

  • Strategize a strong customer follow up

If you find many customers made purchases only during festive days, then re-targeting them again for next holidays is the powerful step to attain good numbers of buyers. This methodology works when you lure customers by sending them gift vouchers that they can redeem in the future or in the next sale introduced by the same e-commerce store. It is the perfect way to engage customers towards your shopping store.

In A Nutshell

Recently the big holidays got over and stats say that e-commerce stores have attained a drastic rise in their profits. If you are an e-commerce store owners, you can also earn excellent profits and ROI by increasing your sales during festive days. And thankfully, this can be conveniently done by using the above-mentioned proven e-commerce SEO tips.

Contributed by: Tom Hardy from Sparx IT Solutions

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