Best iOS Spy Apps 2018

How do you deal with a situation, when you know a person is lying to your face and you know you cannot do anything about it? You think confrontation is the key, but what is the use of it because that person will still be lying on your face. In such a delicate scenario, you have only one option to get to the depth of the situation. Whether willingly or unwillingly you have to track down the activities of the person under suspicion. Another problem that adds on to the whole situation is that there a hell number of options available for Android phones but iPhones have very limited options which can be paid or unpaid as per listed in the Apple Store. However, we have curate a list of all those limited app to track messages on other phone.


This is one of the applications that has made to the top of the list because of a number of reasons. There are millions of users and counting. You have to follow a simple two-step procedure i.e. download the app in the target’s phone, then activate the product key. Once done, you will be able to monitor messages over text, WhatsApp, phone calls, browsing history and even GPS location. It collects all this information and sends it to you on your email so that you can have a sure shot proof of your cheating partner. This app even comes with some advanced feature that you will not be able to resist. Some of them are: social media monitoring, keylogger, no-jailbreak version, parental controls etc. Yes, this application can be used by parents as well who are always worried about their troublesome child.


Another application which has some mind-boggling features is this one. This one is particularly unique because of its feature called Call Interception. This lets you secretly record conversations and listen to phone calls. This is an ad hoc feature other than all the tracking features it offers just like any other tracking app. All you have to do is jailbreak the target’s phone and install it. Once installed and configured, it gives you an access of information to all the activities that the user is conducting in his/her phone. All the data collected can be viewed either through a web-based portal or through an app. This has been in the market since 2006 and has been winning hearts or wait, sadly breaking hearts since then.


It is another simple yet powerful application that records texts, instant messages, and websites visited. Additionally, it offers some amazing features like a free3-Day trial, viewing every keystroke typed, capturing the passwords entered, taking periodic screenshots, and multi-language support. Note that all of these features are available on a jailbreak version only and you will receive all the information on your email. This can serve to be your single platform for your tracking activities.


This application gives full justice to its name because it keeps a hawk eye on the target. Other than the tracking features on remote locations, GPS tracking and phone activities it has certain features that turn head. It includes block services to block certain unrestricted apps, it creates time restrictions which blocks full access to your phone after a specified time, Geo-fencing alert which notifies you immediately if the target moves out of the designated location and last but not the least profanity alert which alerts you certain filtered keywords whenever you use a vulgar word that you have defined.

There some others as well, but we decided to keep the list short and crisp since from an array we have filtered out some of the best and unique ones and which can prove to be your one-stop shop solution for everything.  Apart from this if you are worried whether you can actually use such app to monitor somebody’s activity then yes is your answer. All you have to do is get your iPhone jailbreak for certain applications to run smoothly on your iPhone and then get going. Other than this, one thing you have to be careful about is the risk of any legal issues. Especially, if your target is your employee and if you manage to install such applications secretly on their phones and they come to know, then it can pose to be some privacy issues for you which has legal implications. Keep certain points in mind and know why do you want to track.

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