Best Movies You Need To Watch Before College Graduation

Collage graduation as one of the most important periods in life.

Nowadays it is popular to say that we don’t need the university at all as it is a waste of time. It is not necessary to enter somewhere to gain access to knowledge. But we decided to look at the situation from another side. We reject the fact of receiving a college education. There are at least 10 reasons to enter the university. One of them is a graduation celebration. To make it unforgettable, it’s recommended to watch movies about such an event. After the college/students graduation, we are going to miss those things, which the films will remind us the most.

Top student movies to watch before college graduation:

#1. The Graduate

The film begins with a family party in honor of Ben Braddock, who is graduating from college. He is a young and slightly shy boy; a bit later, he was seduced by Mrs. Robinson, the wife of one of her father’s friends. In the beginning, the young man does not accept the flirtation of an adult lady, but soon there is a turbulent novel between them in secret from everyone. It’s been almost all summer, during which Ben completely forgot about his duties.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robinson is trying to bring his daughter to Ben, hoping to make a wonderful couple. Her efforts are not in vain – Elaine Robinson and Ben fall in love with each other. The current situation forces the graduate to confess to the beloved, that it becomes the beginning of a new round of dramatic events that have turned the life of a guy forever.

#2. The Darjeeling Limited

This film is about post-graduation. The death of the father pushes three brothers on a journey through India, because they believe in reincarnation and that they are reincarnated as a white leopard. Amazing adventures are waiting for them during the way. They know that they will find a leopard father and the family will be reunited again.

#3. Kicking and Screaming

For many years, Phil Weston tried to get rid of the influence and moralizing of his despotic father Buck. He tried to prove him that he is capable of self-success. After the college graduation, he is trusted to coach a children’s football team where his 10-year-old son also plays. The team confidently wins the match after match, but it becomes clear soon that Buck trains their main rivals. And then the victory at the championship becomes a matter of honor for each of the competitors.

#4. Ghost World

School friends Enid and Beki demonstratively trample their graduation caps and make bad signs in front of a school. They do not even suspect that fate has already poured the oil in the right place. And then the first bell of their close parting: Enid is surprised to find an add-on to his certificate, where she is sent for summer courses to art school.

A visit to an art school will come to her sideways. A just-earned trip to life will turn into an empty piece of paper. Becky will systematically start preparing for the storming of the stairwells of life, where the first step should be to work in some eatery. The illusions amuse both that they can always be together.

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#5. The last five years

Cathy returns home and discovers a note on the desk; her husband Jamie decided to break up with her. In desperation, the girl begins to recall all that accompanied her life the last five years. From the onset meeting with the future spouse to the first suspicions of infidelity. From the beginning of her success to her past failures, from a huge all-absorbing love to complete misunderstanding of each other. During five years, Jamie from a modest novice writer turned into a literary superstar. Cathy never managed to break through in the acting profession; so what happened after her graduation?

#6. Post Grad

College graduate Riden Malbi is forced to return home to a very eccentric family. While searching for a job, she meets the right guy Adam, falls in love with him and gradually begins to understand how to live.

#7. The secret of my success

Brantley Foster, a college graduate from Kansas, moves to New York to start a career of a financier. However, the company in which he planned to work is bought by another corporation, and our hero is refused. After several unsuccessful attempts to find another job, Brantley takes up the job of mailing letters to the company of his uncle, Howard Prescott. After that, he decided to graduate one more time.

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