Best Screen Video Recorder For Mac

Screen captures are an amazing option for anyone who wants to level up the quality of their presentations or tutorials. It’s a well-known fact that our memory and understanding work way better when we see the object which is being talked about. Visualization is a key to making an all-inclusive project. Using images can turn boring and plain lecture or lesson into fascinating and amusing activity. If you are into reaction videos for different platforms like YouTube, then screen capture is an awesome solution for you. And if you just enjoy recording on your Mac tutorials teaching people how to work with different apps, programs or software screen captures are the easiest and most convenient way to do it.

New apps continue to pop up, but there are only a few recorders that remain the best for screen capturing. They combine the simplicity of tools, modern design of software and lots of options for editing. No matter how hard we want to use free programmes only, we got to admit that making little investment is essential in order to achieve the best technical result.

#1. Capto

Capto is the best bang for buck solution. It’s a new app that captures HD videos and images, all you can edit and share with the very app. The UI is neat and modern looking, in the toolbar, there are 3 main sections: editing, capturing and sharing, both for videos and pictures. You can capture fullscreen using URL, a certain area of the screen using different figures or free-hand option to choose any space you want. A unique time-capture feature will help to catch the moment that is hard to catch. Editing possibilities for images are endless, basically, you get the package of the main photoshop tools. With Capto screen recoder and video editor you can record computer audio or microphone. The maximum FPS is 60, which is impressive for a screen recorder since usually, they don’t do higher 30 FPS. The quality of your video will be amazing with Capto. Video-editing tools allow to crop, cut, trim your film, add shapes, callout, arrows, text or blur unnecessary information. Finally, with Capto you can screen record your iPhone or iPad by plugging it into your computer. Share your work on YouTube, Tumblr, Google Drive and many more platforms. If you’re interested in Capto download trial or purchase it for around $30.

#2. Camtasia

The main feature that makes Camtasia stand out is the ability to record the screen and webcam simultaneously. Reaction videos creators are going to love the control you have with Camtasia while you make 2 films at the same time. Apart from Mac, this screen recorder works on PC, which can be a great solution if you need to share files between 2 devices. Camtasia can help you create professional looking videos by adding animation to the text or video itself. There is a wide range of effects and filters you can apply to the few clips at once by dragging an icon to the timeline. You can color adjust your video to make it look more expressive. Camtasia boosts your creativity giving lots of tools to add an artistic touch to your works. The price is quite up there, you can get a free trial or buy the software for around $200.

#3. ScreenFlow

Detailed editing is a strong suit of ScreenFlow. You can add all the basic features of animated text very easily, creating a solid film without being a professional editor doesn’t look that impossible anymore. The package of editing tools is pretty close to Camtasia. If you’re easily stressed out by the number of unnecessary actions you have to do to achieve a certain effect, ScreenFlow allows making it all in few clicks. Here you also get the ability to record together with a webcam and from your iPhone and microphones. Get a trial version of ScreenFlow or buy for $99.

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