Best Snow Vehicles: Motors That Make Travelling Easy

While many of us may be dreaming of a white Christmas this year, the statistics suggest that this may be unlikely. After all, we’re more likely to see snowfall between January and March than during the festive period, with an average of just 3.9 day snow days recorded in the month of December.

This may be just as well, particularly given the challenges faced by drivers when the snow begins to fall in the UK. In areas where the roads are not gritted, heavy snowfall can cause significant risks and even travel delays during busier periods.

If you want to beat the snow this winter (whenever it may fall), now may be the ideal time to invest in a vehicle that it designed to cope in all-weather conditions. Here’s our pick of the top three in the existing market:

  • The Dacia Duster

While you may be of the opinion that you cannot afford an SUV, the Dacia Duster should make you think again.

This durable vehicle, which boasts 200mm of ground clearance and offers the option of four-wheel drive to motorists, is actually closer in price to a supermini than the vast majority of its closest rivals.

The second generation Duster is also larger and more comfortable than its predecessors, making it the ideal people carrier during the long, harsh winter months.

This should definitely be high on your list if you’re in the market for a vehicle that can handle the snow but are operating within a restricted budget.

  • The BMW 3 Series

 Next up is another car that you may believe is beyond your price range, but sites such as Imperial Cars offer a host of discounted deals on across the full BMW 3 Series range.

Our pick from this range is the touring estate, which offers immense practicality and functionality all year round. At the heart of this is the vehicle’s range of engine and trim choices, while the car’s xDrive four-wheel-drive system helps to navigating even the most challenging roads during the winter.

This, combined with a great driving experience and a stylish interior, makes for a winning combination and the type of all-round package that motorists crave.

  • The Skoda Octavia Estate

If like us, you grew up at a time when the Skoda brand was little more than an object of fun, you’ll have marveled at the way it has been reinvented in recent times.

Make no mistake; contemporary vehicles like the Skoda Octavia are among the best and most dependable on today’s market, while they’re also ideally suited to driving in wintry conditions.

With its four-wheel drive and a slightly raised suspension for extra grip and reassurance, the Octavia has clearly been designed with the winter in mind. The additional ground clearance can also deal with rough roads and terrain, making the vehicle equally capable of driving in frosty conditions.

The Octavia also offers immense value when compared with its rivals, so this should definitely be on your hit-list this winter.

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