The Best Time to Start Learning Anything During the Year

Never stop learning; because life never stops teaching – Anonymous

All seasons have something to offer – Jeannette Walls

Was there a time in your school days that you faced challenge studying and understanding new lessons of the curriculum of any subject?

Science bets, that you must have had.

Since social media platforms have gained prominence, knowledge is equally shared by one and all. In every platform where article links are shared, definitely you will find quotes as to how seasons can affect learning moods and it is true. Let us imagine, you have done Masters in English Literature and wants to study digital marketing while working as a writing intern. Do you feel that you should have a plan where seasons play one of the major factors?

Well, you have to.

It has been proved by medical science that the time from winter to spring is the best to learn any new knowledge as you find an upsurge in moods and enhancement in energy levels.

Learning any new skills calls for the understanding of concepts and memory. Surveys have indicated that in the duration from winter to spring, students learn new skills and chapters easily. In fact, the more of sunlight, uplift of moods, energy, and well-being.

The component assisting you in learning new knowledge is called as dopamine. Its number increases on more exposure to sunlight and it enhances confidence, motivation, pleasure, and memory.

Since you know your learning abilities, why don’t you make the best use of seasons?


In spring, another factor also rules the roost. Your curiosity levels are triggered, and your learning gets easy since you can cross over borders and can do work independently.

However, too much of sunlight can lead to reduced sleeping hours and unless you have a proper work-to-do schedule, you can face a reduction in concentration, memory, and metabolism. In such cases, never wither away from the time schedule, and a sleep of six to eight hours on any day is vital for memorizing new concepts.

There is another simple way to learn new skills and concepts. Before you shut-eye, remember the concepts and skills you have acquired during the day. This will keep you not only focused but also store valuable data in the brain. Do not force your brain to retrieve more on the first day. Within a week, you can condense the concepts of the day within ten minutes.

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 When the sun is too hot, the brains switch off. If you have to learn a new way of digital marketing, for example, Amazon Web Services at Learning Technologies then do it in a way so that it is easy to you. If you are a creative guy, learn it the simple way of means of drawing images and charts. If you are a normal guy, ensure that you retain your passion for learning and try to revise the lessons every day or seek the assistance of a friend for a group study.

The Belgian study, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, states that the resources are used by the brain differently for performing the same function according to the season.

In winter, you might feel a little laid back in learning. The easy way to understand, your body needs to use energy to withstand the cold temperature and unless you consume proper food, you may feel the lack of motivation.

Forget the seasons, even in a normal day; you could have understood the major productivity hours of the day. The morning hours are the most productive, in the afternoon after the lunch, there may be the lull in productivity. When the body recovers, after 4 pm, once again the scrambling of finishing the target before winding up for the day – These patterns may differ according to your body.

What is stronger? Mother Nature or the human mind?

The Human Mind.

Case Study One

You have performed well in your company and in the process of getting promoted as the International Manager. However, one of the new clients is a millionaire from the UAE and he insists on communicating only in Arabic.

You are given three months duration by the company to learn Arabic from experienced Arabic tutors. The time luckily is spring and so you find the learning easy. You pass the first part of the exam with flying colors and although, not proficient, can understand the words said by the man from the other part of the world.

The time is full winter and because of your tight schedule, you cannot attend the classroom based session. So you opt for taking classes on the internet. Your family stands by you; even your team members, seniors and you pass the certification.

Does your success in the exam mean that instead of winter, there was summer or spring? No, they came, will come and go. The fact is how focused you are in attaining your study goals regardless of the circumstances.

Learning new skills is not an impossible task. However, you need to have a little knowledge about gaining the skill in a smart way. The brain needs to be given information in the way as you understand its ability by which it will retain for a long time.

Case Study Two

You are a team leader and are about to get promoted as Operations Manager which was your dream goal. But there is one hitch: you have to pass the first part of Digital Certification program for application of the post.

Before learning a new task, schedule a plan on how to master it easily. Ask your friends, seniors or search on the internet for information. If needed, ask for some help from a family member, or a friend. Group discussion always benefits learning. Test your knowledge at least once a weekend. You may be a multi-tasker, but first, narrow down your strengths and focus while learning a new skill. After going via the basics, you can become your normal self.

If you are on your own, you might receive a few brickbats, do not feel afraid or fall into depression.

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