10 Best Torrent Sites 2022 (Updated)

Are you looking for Best Torrent Sites for downloading large movies, HD videos/songs, software, books and many other files? Then keep reading this article for the ultimate torrenting solution.

What are the Torrent Sites?

“BitTorrent” a popular technology which is used for the distribution of any type of files among people with the use of the Internet. “Torrent” is a short form for “BitTorrent” technology. The best thing about “BitTorrent” technology which makes it popular is it can speed up the downloading rate of the large files. How exactly this technology is working to speed up downloading and uploading? While downloading a large file from torrent sites the file is chopped up into small chunks. These small data packets are then sent in a “swarm” from multiple computers connected to the torrent sites. Each computer at once sending just one small chunk of a file and hence the whole process speeds up.

Torrent sites can be used positively or negatively. As the most common use of torrent sites is to share the pirated data including movies, music, and other copyrighted stuff.

What is a Torrent File?

Besides the torrent sites, there is a torrent file. This file actually holds all the information of those files which will be copied from other computers to your computer over the internet using the torrent sites. Most of the times, from torrent sites, you receive the torrent file with the “.torrent” as the extension. Torrent files is a bridge between the torrent software and torrent websites.

If you want to download HD movies, Games, Ebooks or software for free then there is no other place to go to than torrent sites. The issue every one that loves torrenting has is, finding the best site to get good torrent files with no fear for malware or fake and pirated content.

Torrenting sites allow the type of technology that is used in the distribution or downloads of large files while connected to the internet. It can also speed up the download process and at the same time, can be used to share and download movies, music, games and other torrents. These sites also aid in sharing files from one system to other. Either you are using your PC or Desktop, the process is called seeding.

The main reason why you should choose the best torrenting site is that whenever you are disconnected from the internet, you don’t get to lose anything as you can complete your downloading once we are back online. The biggest of all the benefits of using torrent sites is the convenience, through this medium it is easy to find a torrent file and download speedily.

In this case, we have found the best solution to your issue, with our compilation of the best torrent sites for 2018. The reliable list, either for high and speedy downloads, live stream, sharing of files and much more for the best option that you desire while torrenting.

Following are the 10 Best Torrent Sites for (January) 2018

#1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

ThePirateBay one of the best torrent sites and still live with original TLD domain. It is no exaggeration to refer to this site as being super classic! It has been for a long time and is now currently the most popular and reliable amongst the world best torrent site. Since its development in 2003 by Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, and Peter Sunde in Sweden, It has pulled a massive traffic any many users want to enjoy the best service and great torrent files experience.

The page is well categorized, every content you get from here are legitimate, start enjoying the original domain service. There are other extra features which include filters to spot your favorite files by tapping on the Video, Audio, Applications, Games and other icons you like; Also no pop-up ads.

Alexa: 88



Here, you can find the best of everything about quality; resolution, content type, torrent files and much more. This site started as a BitTorrent tracker also known as the Bulgarian tracker in 2008, and now it’s standing out to embrace a large number of communities to their torrenting enjoyment. This place is many leechers favorite zone and it is also the second on our lists of best torrent sites.

Alexa:  257


#3. Kickass Torrent


The official Kickass Torrent was shut down on Jul. 21, 2016 due to a complaint launched by Apple Inc. for distributing pirated content worth of approx. $1 billion on Kickass Torrent Site. However, there are some proxy mirror sites of Kickass Torrent still working in almost every region of the world. Bellow is the list of proxy working Kickass Torrent Sites.

Kickass Torrent Mirror Sites:

  • http://kickass.to/
  • http://kat.cr/
  • http://kickasstorrents.to
  • http://kickass.cr
  • http://kat.am
  • http://kat.ph/ (Dead)

Extremely popular and one of the best torrent sites Kickass is the hot favorite site of the torrent enthusiast, the kickass search engine is formally referred to as “Kickass Torrents”. One of the largest website that pulls traffic in the world; founded in the year 2009, super fast and highly efficient, the majority of the youth prefers it. There is a countless number of torrent content to download here.

Despite the ban in the in mid-2016 due to some issues, kickass torrent is back with a renewed update. With the very simple and unique design, kickass will wow you as it comes in about 31 languages. The finder bar is available to search for games, movies, TV programs/shows, music, movies and much more. Kickass has kicked the ass of all pirated content on the site as it follows suit with authenticity. The fun part of this site is that you get to comment and give feedback to help make it easier for visitors to the exact service you’ve enjoyed.

Alexa:  4,604

#4. 1337X


1337x Torrent Site founded in the year 2007, it now possesses a wide range of clean movie list. Every torrent file that is important to you is very much available here. In some countries, there is need use VPNs to gain full access to this site. You get to enjoy trending files list every month with full speed download for large files like documentaries and TV series.

The security issue that the administrations and moderators complained about in previous years has been settled. Enjoy your daily update!

Alexa: 343

#5. LimeTorrents


Here is another legitimate torrent site that comes with that pleasant appearance that is satisfying. However, there are marked-out-section of auto-generated lists of the best and latest torrents update; with this content is easy to find with the clear mark on each section. With millions of users that are been served, they all love the database and the legitimate files they get to enjoy with the active responsive search bar.

* Use ads blocker while browsing this torrent site because there are several clicks to pop ads appear.

Alexa:  106,205

#6. Torrent Downloads

torrent downloads

This torrent site is very straightforward with every detail in each torrent so as to get all the information you need before you try any out. It has one of the best user interfaces with a lesser number of ads that pops up, if you have a very strong preference for downloading anime then you’ve found the best place to be.


#7. Demonoid


Since 2003, Demonoid torrent site has been serving up torrents with its private membership community, here; you need to sign up to become a member for you to gain full access to the torrent files you desire. With this access, you can now download those eBooks, software, and movies name them. Demonoid also has the following feature; Detect Fake Torrent, Malware Free and clean files, Good Support for the torrent Community, Top torrent list to view and you can also upload your own torrent.

Alexa:  5,059

#8. YTS.AG


YTS is one of the best movie torrent sites. It is previously referred to as YIFY, but now, this site has a heavy specialization with movies and smooth interface that visitors get to enjoy. There are many different categories of movies quality to download; ranging from High-D to 3D as well. If you also desire low bandwidth and lesser sizes, then you’ve got it here. There are daily updates for new Movies here for you to enjoy. With all these quality, you can’t wait to be impressed with the download speed that follows your download. Always have it in mind that it has no affiliation with the old YTS or even the YIFY groups.

Alexa: 252

#9. Zooqle


zooqle torrent

Zooqle is new in the market among the torrent sites. Zooqle offers the facility of account creation to manage your subscriptions. In a beginning, Zooqle has 1300 plus TV shows and 30,000 plus movies. With a passage of time, Zooqle is offering more variety to the customers.

Alexa: 2,353

#10. Openbittorrent

Openbittorrent is a free bitTorrrent tracker that only requires the openbitTorrent tracker URL in the torrent you desire to use. You don’t need to go through the stress of uploading or registering as it is open and stable for everyone without depending on other sites for the torrent to work.

However, in the year 2009, Openbittorrent was suspected to have been part of the Pirate Bay site due to the fact that they both have the same tracker. But has time pass the tracker was shut down, later it came back online in 2012 protesting for the lack of adoption having improved their protocols by uTorrent. It was said that this decline was proposed by the co-founder of Pirate Bay Fredrik Neij. Three years later they came back online back online with no tracker address.

Having compiled the best torrent sites 2018 that are efficiently active and easy to access in the year, this will make your leaching and peer protocols with extra social media experience easier for you. Do not get it twisted, as there are many other torrent sites available, but why not go for the best? The above named that are tested and trusted.




uTorrent client still holds on to its reputation since it been launched for more than one decade now since 2005. This client is known as one of the most popular BitTorrent clients with its lightweight, fast and easy to use efficiently. It is of great advantage that the new uTorrent comes with everything the previous client is missing. uTorrent movies search engine allows you to enjoy lots of movie update. You can now enjoy the media player, you can drag and drop files so as to share them, you can also get to comment and rate the torrent files you love. For your enjoy uTorrent search movies and learn how to download below.

Alexa: 363

How to Download a Movie using uTorrent

The following step is the best way to download movies using uTorrent. These steps can also be applicable to other torrent games and files of your choice.

  • Download the “torrent file” or you can also choose to copy the “magnet link” of the desired movie of your choice from the best torrent sites listed above.
  • The next step is to download the uTorrent app or software on your device, either your phone or PC. (BitTorrent can also serve as alternative)
  • The app is ready for you to open and paste the magnet file in the add link option. Alternatively, you can also add the torrent file through browsing.
  • Finally, launch the torrent in order to download the file. (You can also pause or resume the torrent anytime)

Enjoy Torrenting! Enjoy your Movie!

With the uTorrent installed on your system, you can also go for  “Yourbittorrent” this is the best peer-to-peer Torrent that allows visitors to share many large files including mp3 files, anime, games, and much of other web stuff with each other. The Yourbittorrent site (yourbittorrent.com) is made up of a total of 8.5 million torrents of which 3.1 million are verified. On this platform, more than 3.2K torrents are uploaded daily. There are lots of user feedbacks with positive testimonies of the best result they’ve experienced.

* Tenoblog doesn’t promote torrents or any other illegal downloads because of copy write laws.

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